April 24, 2024

Bodybuilders and other athletes who want to develop significant muscle mass often take supplements that support protein synthesis and build bigger and stronger muscles. Steroids help build muscles but they can have negative effects and their use may even be illegal. Individuals looking for a better and safer option often use Beta Ecdysterone. This bodybuilding supplement is available from the Brain and Body Supplements company in bulk powder form and comes in 30-gram packs. With no known side effects, Beta Ecdysterone is rapidly becoming the popular choice of people who want maximum muscle growth in a short span of time.

Beta Ecdysterone Product Features

  • Helps build lean muscle mass
  • Increases strength
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Pure, bulk powder contains no fillers, flavors or anti-clumping agents
  • Works with DAA (D forms of amino acids) and longjack

Beta Ecdysterone Bulk Powder 30 Grams

What is Beta Ecdysterone

Beta Ecdysterone Bulk PowderBeta Ecdysterone is a phytosterol or plant sterol that is steadily gaining popularity as a supplement for bodybuilding and muscle building. It stimulates protein synthesis which leads to increase in muscle mass.

Beta ecdysterone is classified as an ecosteroid, or a naturally-occurring steroid-like compound. Commercial ecdysteroids are often derived from plants such as Leuzea carthamoides and Brazilian ginseng. Because of its powerful anabolic properties, Beta ecdysterone is often included in nutritional supplements to promote muscle growth and gain without negative hormonal effects. It is considered a natural alternative to steroids.

Who Should Consider Taking Beta Ecdysterone?

Beta ecdysterone is believed to be of benefit to anyone who wants to develop significant amounts of lean muscle mass quickly, thanks to its positive effects on protein synthesis. Men who find it difficult to build bigger and stronger muscles can benefit from this product.

It can improve athletic performance and strength naturally. Beta ecdysterone is a popular supplement among bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle growth.

Body-building Benefit of Beta Ecdysterone

Beta ecdysterone is of particular interest to body builders, especially those taking protein supplements. By stimulating protein synthesis, which is muscle growth at the cellular level, bodybuilders are assured that the extra proteins they consume are being used to build bigger muscles.

What Can Beta Ecdysterone Do For You?

There are many benefits offered by Beta ecdysterone. Some of them are anecdotal but others are supported by scientific studies. Here’s a look at some of its benefits:

  • Can increase lean muscle mass ? Beta ecdysterone has steroid-like effects and promotes protein synthesis. It is said to improve the development of lean body mass when combined with resistance training. When used with high biological value proteins such as meat, eggs, chicken and fish, it leads to an increase in lean muscles and a decrease in body fat.
  • May help in the treatment of osteoporosis ? In separate animal studies made by Chinese and German researchers, it was found that beta ecdysterone can alleviate the symptoms of osteoporosis. Subjects showed an increase in the thickness of joint cartilage and growth plates. Further studies need to be done to determine the effect on humans.
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar levels ? Studies show that beta ecdysterone helps lower blood sugar levels without affecting insulin levels. This is promising for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  • Helps to reduce fat in the body ? Studies showed a reduction in body fat of subjects who were given beta ecdysterone.

Dosage of Beta Ecdysterone

Beta ecdysterone is safe in supplementation dosages of 5 mg per kilogram of body per day, or 350 mg for a 70-kilogram individual. Nutritional companies use much lower dosages (50-90 mg), which may not offer the muscle-building benefits that people want. Using Beta ecdysterone in bulk powder form provides the means to consume the amount you need for optimum muscle growth.

Associated Risks of Beta Ecdysterone

There are no recorded negative side effects or hormone interactions. It does not cause liver toxicity or high blood pressure. Overall, Beta ecdysterone is a safe, natural, non-toxic supplement for rapid muscle growth.

Pros of Beta Ecdysterone

  • Safe and natural
  • No hormonal interactions
  • Bulk powder form allows you to consume the ideal amount of the product
  • No known negative side effects


  • Bulk powder form makes it difficult to measure out the amount you need
  • Can be expensive

What Customers Say

Customers who took this supplement are excited to report that they experienced a dramatic increase in strength and muscle growth. They say that Beta ecdysterone supplement allowed them to lift heavier weights. One customer who used it with creatine reported that he gained 12 pounds in only 4 weeks. He noticed an increase in muscle development while reducing body fat, leading to cuts and definition. Results are visible in only a short amount of time.

Users of beta ecdysterone recommend taking this supplement with high quality proteins in order to get maximize muscle growth. There were no reports of any negative side effects.

Although this supplement is deemed safe, pregnant or nursing women should not take Beta ecdysterone. Those suffering from high blood pressure should also refrain from taking this supplement.

Beta Ecdysterone in bulk powder form (30 grams) is recommended for anyone who wants to bulk up quickly in a safe and natural way. You can find the best offer on this product from Amazon.

Beta Ecdysterone Bulk Powder 30 Grams

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  1. I have also used Beta-Ecdysterone, finding it to be exactly as described, “increase in muscle development while reducing body fat, leading to cuts and definition. Results are visible in only a short amount of time.”

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