April 24, 2024

Governments everywhere are banning smoking in public places even though they always seem quite happy to keep tobacco legal so that they can still collect taxes.

India has imposed the world’s biggest smoking ban by forbidding its 1.2 billion people from lighting up in public places.

The move has been introduced to try and fight tobacco use blamed, directly or indirectly, for a fifth of all deaths in the world’s third-largest consumer.

The ban, which includes all offices and restaurants, will hit its estimated 240 million tobacco users, who are likely to find their homes and cars among the last few places to light up. Offenders will be fined 200 rupees ($4).

How do you feel about these bans? As an ex-smoker I think it is a good start but there still seems to be a real shortage of programs to help people quit smoking easily. I can vouch for anyone that has quit that it is really tough.

I know how difficult quitting smoking really is so I started a quit smoking email course to help people out. If you do smoke and want to quit then sign up and see

3 thoughts on “Biggest Smoking Ban in the World?

  1. Smoking is very injurious when compared with alcoholism. Passive smoking is equally dangerous, I am bit concerned about my 6 months old girl. My husband never understands.

  2. The ban on smoking in public spaces effective from 01 Oct is a positive step towards better health. We come across so many people with various types of cancers which have a positive corelation with smoking. But they never realise the implications of smoking till they land up with irreparable damage to their lungs or oral mucosa or to other organs. If a smoker is forced to avoid smoking due to this ban, it not be good for him only. Even if it is one cigarrette less everyday?Lets not see this ban in the political sense. Prevention of disease forms the basics of primary health care. Its good that the Govt is doing its bit for healthcare.

  3. I will definitely suggest this ecourse to my husband who is a chain smoker. Even though he is too concerned about the family the urge for the next fag is beyond his control. And yes, determination is more important. We can’t imply rules over smokers, were rules can only restrict them, its good to see that Government is concerned about the smokers.

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