May 18, 2024

Your knees are the pivot point for any kind of exercise be it running, biking or just about any team sport as well. Being critical to exercise it is important to keep your knees strong. There are a few things that you can do to protect your knees and care for them so that you can avoid the debilitating knee surgeries that so many people in even their 30s and 40s need to get.

How Strong Knees are Built

You knees are made up of cartilage at the join on both the top and bottom bones and ligaments and tendons around the sides and through the middle. Over time it is the cartlage that wears and sometimes chips off, I can tell this myself as sometimes I will get a bit of a locking in my knees for a few hours until the bits of cartilage floating around become unstuck in the joint.

How To Heal Knee injuries

heal knee injuries
heal knee injuries

First of all there is a difference between protecting your knees and how to heal knee injuries. As you no doubt have noticed your knees only going in one direction and either hyerextending (stretching to far) or having your knee go sideways can create an injury that will take anywhere from a few days to a few months to heal.

If you do have a basic injury to your knee it is incredibly important to heal knee injuries for as long as it takes. An injury that does not heal fully will be very susceptible to re injury afterwards as we have seen in many pro athletes.

If you injure you knee it will swell up very quickly as there is quite a bit of blood flow in your lower body so to have you knee tested you also want to take down the swelling of your injured knee. Start to heal knee injuries with ice on your knee for a half hour once an hour so 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off for the first day. On the second day and after alternate heat and ice for 20 minutes each as often as you can, if you feel that pain is not going away make sure to contact a doctor

The ice will keep the swelling down and the heat will help you speed up the healing. In this early healing time even though you may have a bit of strength in your knee always wrap your knee and be very careful not to push it at all you definitely do not want your knee to get hurt again this soon after.

Healing my Knee injuries

I had a lot of problems with my knees over the years especially my left knee because I always did come back too quickly from injury. Now my knees seem to be pretty good because my main lower body exercise is low impact. I bike as much as I can and this has strengthened all of the muscles around my knee so that I am now quite strong. One problem that still persists though is running, I can not seem to do any consistent running for more than a few weeks without my knees hurting and having to give it up.

Another thing that will help your knees is to not lock out your knee during workouts. When doing squats or leg presses it is important to not lock out your knees as this is another way that you can cause harm to your knee cartilage.

In the end it is very important to take care of your knees and heal knee injuries very carefully to be sure that they do not become chronic.

9 thoughts on “Building Strong Knees

  1. My knees were damaged from sport activities. Its been a year now and it still hurts. Exercising and walking I’ve been doing everyday of my life. But thanks for the great tips!

  2. well..i have great quads, good calves…but my knees are horrible all of a sudden..

    i deadlifted for a few months, 1x a week….squated same…so it cant be that…

    i do only body wt. workouts for my quads, and pole sits to work em out…and i just have a natural meaty quad…

    but…my knees kill me sumtimes! i cant sleep, i cant get comfy! i am joinin army and passed all my test and told em that its not pain, its irritation, and they said, well if it dont hold you back, u are ok…and im like…wtvr, ill stick it out and blame an injury and get bomb medical 🙂

    but im worried that the mass amounts of runnin will be held back bcuz my knees tire ;(

    HELP! wat can i do?

  3. I have problems going up the steps and getting off of our motercycle and they rust like they get tight
    can you help me with this. Thanks Kathy

  4. I had a lot of problems as well with my knees over the years and found that when I strengthened them with a lot of cycling I have had very little problems with them.

    The most important thing that you can do with your workouts for legs is to try not to use too much and to never lock out your knees at the end of a rep.

  5. i tore my mcl in high school while wrestling, i never had surgery and have been using the injury and a crutch not to work legs nearly as much as i should. What are some training exercises i can perform to rehabilitate/strength my knees?

  6. i have pains in my right knee after runing how can i prevent this from happening , i am joining the army and need to run alot but this is becoming a problem , i do have very skinny legs .. could it be that my muscles around the knee are not big enough to handle my exercise ? pls write back thank you !

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