March 5, 2024

There is controversy pertaining to Green teas ability to work as a stimulant and improve a person’s potential for weight loss. The ancient Chinese believed that green tea had medicinal values including weight loss potential.

They went as far as to document this in 1181. There is debate however, as to the reliability of this information.

FDA and Green Tea

The U. S. Federal drug and Alcohol Commission has stated that they do not support this information. They have not however conducted experiments to support their disbelief.

They simply made this statement based on having a study group examine 105 articles and publications that pertain to this information.

These publications were by major universities and other national departments, including the American journal of Clinical nutrition.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Green Tea

The American Journal of Clinical nutrition supported in their reports, claims that Green tea does indeed assist in weight reduction. This statement by a major health publication seems to answer the question through documented evidence.

As far as this authority is concerned there is reason to believe that consuming green tea can act as a dietary supplement. However, this evidence is discounted by the USFDA as not being conclusive.

Evidence in these publications would seem to point to the fact that green tea can indeed assist with weight loss.

The FDA does not seem to be able to reach this conclusion by reading these articles and publications, but this does not mean that the evidence is not there. It would almost seem that despite the FDA that there is evidence that green tea can help with weight reduction.

Perhaps the debate is not in whether green tea has viable abilities to assist in weight loss, but rather that the FDA says simply that they are not convinced based on the evidence.

In a court case this would not mean that criminal did not do what he was charged with, but rather that the court overseeing the case could not prove it based on the evidence that was offered up during the case.

Other Green Tea Weight Loss Studies

Penn State did a study on Green tea along with exercise and found that it did assist people to lose weight. Science Daily also showed a study that showed that Green tea along with Polyethylene Glycol produced a significant increase in weight loss as well.

My favorite video guy Drew Canole also did a video on Green Tea and how it will work for weight loss as well as other health benefits

To answer the question of whether green tea can help with weight loss we have to ask ourselves what evidence we need. There does seem to be sufficient documented evidence to state that green tea seems to contain some potential to stimulate weight loss.

why you should drink more green tea


The Orientals believed it and have used it for centuries to provide medicinal values including weight loss. The worst thing that could happen is you consume green tea for a while and do not lose weight.

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