April 23, 2024

Is Green Tea good for Loss? Taking green tea for loss has gotten quite a bit of media attention recently. You can also find a lot about green tea in books and online. Is green tea something you should consume to lose ? While research is still being done on this, the results look quite promising. Green tea does indeed contain many nutrients that are not only healthy, but can help with a diet or loss program.

Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?
Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Green tea contains many powerful antioxidants that may be effective in preventing or even reversing diseases. Research even suggests that the antioxidants found in green tea can reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. The almost magical antioxidant that is most beneficial is known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This substance not only protects the body against free radicals (which can cause disease), it speeds up the metabolism through a process called thermogenesis.

Green tea is, of course, a stimulant which should help with losing weight. Like coffee, it contains caffeine, though quite a bit less. Studies have shown that the thermogenesis process caused by green tea is not merely an effect of the caffeine, so you can gain some benefits by drinking decaffeinated tea as well. However, we cannot ignore the fact that caffeine is a stimulant, so caffeinated tea is likely to have a greater impact when it comes to speeding up your metabolism.

Caffeine in Green Tea

Those who are sensitive to caffeine may be able to consume several cups of green tea during the early part of the day. If even that is too much, you should consider a decaffeinated variety. Either way you will be getting the benefits of green tea’s beneficial antioxidants.

Keep in mind that even a beneficial substance like green tea can’t make you lose all by itself, if you eat too much and don’t exercise. The effect green tea has on the metabolism can be best utilized by your body when you are active. That is, it can help you gain even more benefit from exercise. However, if you consume too many calories, you won’t be giving the green tea a chance to work.

Black tea, and even coffee also contain antioxidants and are also stimulants. Green tea, however, is probably the healthiest of these three, as it contains more nutrients and less caffeine. You can find green tea in many forms. In addition to drinking it as a tea, you can find it in capsule form, as well as in many combination supplements. I think this answers the questions of Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss.

11 thoughts on “Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

  1. Green Tea is good although if you are aiming to have better body and you want to be more slim than your current body, you will not be going to stick in just drinking a green tea. It is only one that needs or better to drink than a cola. Green tea and water plus a strict diet plan.

  2. Im afraid I find green tea too bitter. I don’t like the taste. I prefer Tetley with milk and sugar !

  3. I have drunk black tea pretty much everyday for most of my life. Hopefully that has benefited me more than harm me. I notice I go to the bathroom after drinking my tea in the morning so it kinda has a laxative effect. Coffee seems to have even more of a laxative effect on me.

  4. One thing to be careful about though is these teas act as laxitives and the loss may only be water which could dehydrate you

  5. 3 cups of green tea burns 80 calories a day if you do nothing else. Green tea elevates your body temperature a little a little bit using a process that prefers burning fat rather than burning sugars.

    Research on green tea has brought forward the fact that fat people are not fat mainly because they eat too much, or because they eat the wrong things. No, fat people are fat mainly because they burn the wrong calories. Sugar calories instead of fat calories, compared to the average population.

  6. I’ve also read that Woolong tea, or known in the West as Oolong tea, also works as a great loss tea. It also fights against free radicals in the body, and has been reported to fight against heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancers. Thanks for the useful info on green tea!

  7. Totally effective. I take green tea supplements and whenever I think they aren’t working, I remember that I just not obsessed food anymore. Plus I have the energy to exercise.

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