April 25, 2024

Why Workout Hard When You Can Cheat Your Way Thin?

One of the major reasons why many people fail on conventional diets and fad diets is that the prescribed regimens are too strict.

For instance, they might require you to eliminate carbs altogether from your diet for a full week (including things as insignificant as an apple). Initially, these restrictions bring rapid loss, but ultimately, they prove unsustainable.

They’re unsustainable because they don’t accept the reality that human beings are implementing the diets.

In fact, if the diet’s instructions were simply being fed into a robot that then acted out the instructions carefully, there would be no problem at all. But that’s not the case.

Cheat your way thinIf you’re like most people who struggle to lose weight, you struggle to do so because you simply cannot give up your favorite foods. You cannot adopt an austere diet that forces you to starve yourself and to give up an important pleasure in your life: the taste of great food.

This is where Cheat Your Way Thin will come in handy.

Fortunately for you, there’s a diet that claims to allow you to do just that: to consume the foods that you love on a regular basis as part of your diet. And not only does it allow you to do it, it’s an actual requirement of the diet.

Enter a New Fitness Program – Cheat your way thin

So what is this diet, you ask? It’s called “Cheat Your Way Thin“. And, not surprisingly, it is called that because it allows you to consume delicious food that would be considered “cheating” in the context of most other diets, but it will still permit you to lose -and lots of it-at the same time.

To make things better, this diet isn’t your typical, fly-by-night program with no known creator. Joel Marion, the founder of the “Cheat Your Way to Thin” method, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Additionally, his work has been featured in Oxygen, in Lifescript, in Women’s Day, in Men’s Fitness, in Musclemag, on NBC, and on Fox News to name just a few places.

Marion is both well-known and well-trusted. And, as he claims, his product not only resulted from the knowledge that he accumulated over many years he spent in the fitness industry, but also from the serious mistakes he made throughout his career.

Cheat Your Way Thin is of course not one of them.

With all of this said, what can you expect from the Cheat your way thin product?

There are two parts.

The first part contains audio that explains how the diet was created, as well as the science that backs up how it works.

And the second part is a 53-page ebook that contains an exhaustive run-down of the program.

How Does Cheat Your Way Thin Work?

Marion’s approach consists of two parts: diet and exercise. For the dietary portion, he has readers to rotate between high GI days, low GI days, and low carb days.

And for the exercise portion, he has readers perform 3 different exercise sessions per week.

Overall, the Cheat Your Way Thin ebook contains an excellent and highly-specific overview of how you can improve your diet and adopt an effective workout regimen. And best of all, it comes from a real person with real credentials.

As far as buyers may be are concerned, this product appears to deliver on its promises. However, some argue that it focuses too much on requiring you to buy expensive auxiliary products, such as protein shakes.

But on the upside, it allows you to have “cheating days,” which will make your diet much easier to maintain in the long run. It also offers simplicity by focusing on portion control, rather than on calorie counting, which is often infeasible.

Overall Cheat Your Way Thin is a fantastic way to gain muscle and lose fat and Joels experience as a winner of the Body for Life contest proves he really knows what he is talking about.

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