April 12, 2024

Eat Stop Eat is a diet program that is complex but at the same time simple. Fasting has been used for centuries as a method of purification. In this very professional program, Brad Pilon uses intermittent fasting (IF), coupled with exercise, to rid the body of fat and bring it to optimal health.

The premise is a simple one. Burn more calories (energy) each week than you consume. His approach of fasting certain days a week makes this reduction in calories simple and easy without the need to keep track of every bite you eat.

How Eat Stop Eat was Created

eat stop eatSince a very young age, Pilon was interested in everything that had to do with nutrition, health, and exercise. He began working in a supplement store when he was just 17.

In college, his main focus of study was nutrition and, when he graduated, he began to work as a research analyst at a leading supplement company.

Now, after working several years in the nutrition supplement field, Pilon applies his common-sense approach and scientific knowledge to loss and nutrition.

Pilon lives in Canada and has writtenEat Stop Eat and, more recently, “How Much Protein.”

When you visit his website, http://www.eatstopeat.com/ you can download, for free, two interesting ebooks, “The Zen of Nutrition” and “The Elimination Workout.”

Also available, before you even buy the program, are two more reports, one for men and one for women, with more information on how to start losing with this program.

Pilon explains in depth why fasting is good for you and goes into detail on his qualifications for the method he set up. He cites scientific studies for his conclusions and includes a list at the back of the book with the studies he mentions in the guide.

Pilon says that strength training is necessary for muscle retention, but doesn’t go into too much detail. However, it is easy to find strength-training information online.

3 Versions of Eat Stop Eat

There are three versions of the program. The basic version is a 91-page guide giving you everything you need to be successful with the program.

The Deluxe version also includes a 121-page guide about building muscle and eating protein.

In the advanced version you receive a guide called the ‘Ten Day Diet Solution.’ It offers ten eating habits and recommends you chose the three that you like the best and use them to accelerate your lose and become healthier.

He puts the end to four dieting myths that sabotage your fitness goals, once and for all. They include:

#1 – You are a failure if you don’t lose as quick as you can.

A simple loss program gives you more consistent, long-lasting results. It isn’t necessary to drop ten pounds a week!

#2 – You can lose two pounds of fat in one day.

The math on this myth just doesn’t work. To lose two pounds in one day you would have to burn 7,000 more calories than you consumed. This would be the equivalent of running sixty-two miles!

#3 – All diets will cause you to lose muscle.

The method in Eat Stop Eat helps you lose fat and, at the same time, keep your muscle.

#4 – Losing is hard and, when you go off a diet, you just gain it all back.

If you follow the wrong diet, this can be true. Following a diet that is actually life-style changing, like the Eat Stop Eat plan, is simple and very easy. You will keep the off because you never return to your old eating patterns.

All in all, this is a sound, well-researched program, based on simple scientific principles, and you can adapt it to your life to keep the off. Check out Eat Stop Eat today and see if it answers all the diet questions that you have.

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