May 19, 2024

In losing weight, you have to keep several things in balance. This might sound difficult, but it is really quite natural. They are things you already do, like eating, activities, and socializing.

The only differences when you’re losing weight are little adjustments to your habits. Most of your habits are fine as they are you probably already get some exercise just by going to work. Maybe a little more would be nice. As for your friends, the best ones will let you talk about the changes you’re making. If they’re not supportive, they weren’t friends in the first place! Out of all the changes you have to make to lose weight, the most important change is to your diet.

So how do you change your diet to lose weight? One thing most of us have heard about by now is to reduce the amount of food eaten. That is far from the only thing we can do, though. Just as important is to switch out some of the foods you eat for alternatives. When you do this it may help to know that proteins trigger your body to burn sugar and fat as fuel, while carbohydrates signal it to store them up in fat cells.

Non-starchy vegetables are neutral. What this tells us is that you need each meal to be balanced between protein, starch (or carbs), fats, and vegetables. To this we can add a few examples of which foods to include: whole grain breads, kale, cabbage, green beans, chicken, garlic, bell peppers, cheese, and eggs, among others.

Next you might be thinking that this is a lot to keep in mind. Well, everything probably appears that way before you’re used to it. But to make it easier, there are a few styles of cooking around the world that already fit in with these loss diet principles. One is from Okinawa, another is from the Mediterranean region, specifically Greece. Extracting a few pointers from Greek traditional cuisine, we come up with these:

1. It is heart healthy and it slows the aging process.

2. It focuses mostly on vegetables, and includes some meats, and small amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

3. It is high in whole, unprocessed foods and olive oil.

4. Some highlights are the use of bread, cheese, fruits, and lots of vegetables.

5. For snacks, have fruit.

6. A rule that many of us might find curious and may choose to overlook: you can have vegetables with meat or with starch, but you can’t have meat with starch together. So it’s veggies with meat or veggies with carbs you did know meaty pizza and lasagna were fattening, didn’t you? This rule may relate to the different ways that proteins and carbs affect your body.

7. Some more ingredients include spinach, tomatoes, salad, fruit, cheese, meat, feta, more olive oil.

There you have it now you know a lot more about the roles that different foods can play in loss. You also have the basics of a traditional cuisine that scientifically proven to help you not only lose but live longer and healthier, too.

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