April 24, 2024

Trying to get six pack abs comes down to two things, losing the fat in the abdomen and strengthening those muscles in the stomach as well. We all know the exercises that we need to do the lower ab exercises as well as the upper ab exercises and of course the obliques and intercostals but really the eating is the core of getting 6 pack abs.

First of all lets be clear, there is no such thing as spot reduction. It seems over the last few years there have been even more creams and pills that have promised to melt away the fat in the abs but really these miracle 6 pack ab solutions are not miracles at all and will not get you any closer to the six pack that you desire. Instead you need to lower the amount of bodyfat on your whole body.

OK, so how are you going to lower your bodyfat? Are you going to low carb like Atkins? Are you going to rely on getting all the fat out of your diet? These are two options that may work but in the long term you will probably want this six pack next summer as well as this summer so you need to choose a diet that you can stick to always. I believe that the best six pack diet is the one that you can always follow.

Is there a better way to eat to get a 6 pack?

Instead of counting calories and grams of fat, protein and carbs I believe that it is best to look at the plates of food that you are dishing up. Do not look at that bag of chips as being a bag but instead picture it on a plate instead. I think that you need to have 6 plates of food everyday and this food should be broken up into thirds on the plate. So instead of looking at every bit of food that you are eating instead try to break up your whole day into six meals each with three things in the meal.

You will look at each meal having one third protein and two thirds carbs. As you should be aware your fat comes from meats and packaged snack foods and condiments. There is not fat in rice or potatoes but there is fat in the butter that you put on them or in the chips in the bag.

OK so if each meal has a meat or protein component what should they be? well beef, chicken, protein powder, eggs all come to mind. The other two thirds are supposed to be carbs so what do you want there? Good carb foods are fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, and oatmeal.

Eat More often for 6 Pack abs?

Many people think that they could never eat 6 meals a day since they are already gaining on just three meals a day but realistically it is important to note that if you are eating giant meals that your body can not process anyway, or if you are eating a lot of snack foods then this idea of having six meals broken up throughout the day should help you to lose just by the fact that you are feeding your body not dumping junk into it and you are feeding it often so that you body does not resort ot crazy insulin swings.

This plan is not something that you do for just a while as I said before. The most important thing for this diet is to make it easy for you and consistent so that you will be able to lose and at the same time feel healthier. You know I am sure that if you want to get six pack abs that you need to exercise and do the right ones but I hope you know as well what to eat and when to get that six pack to show though instead of covering it in fat.

Get Six Pack Abs Now

six pack absIf you follow this plan you will see results very quickly and depending on how much fat you have to lose you can see rock hard abs fairly quickly. The other great thing about strengthening your abs besides looking better is the fact that strengthening your core makes you stronger overall and help out with your balance and even your stamina.

Still need more help? There is a great book out called The Truth About Six Pack Abs. The book is an ebook and is only available on the internet. If you would like more information click the link and check out the book now.

2 thoughts on “Eating Your Way to 6 Pack Abs

  1. It is such a common myth that you can spot-reduce! I really truly wish that we could. However, there is a fine line between a lot of cardio to burn off the fat layer that covers your beautiful abs with too little cardio and Mike Geary’s book explains the how-to better than most. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips with us! A Southern gal – Kristie

  2. I think you have some very valid points in your recommendations to achieve those elusive abdominal muscles, it is essential to eat correctly to eliminate the fat that covers them. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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