March 5, 2024

Figuring out a raw food diet menu can be challenging. You have access to hundreds if not thousands of raw recipes on the internet and in cookbooks, but how do you plan an actual menu from all of that? In this article we will look at what you might serve for a special meal, such as a dinner party.

Raw Food Diet Menu For A Special Meal

Prepare to have fun when you are planning a menu for a special raw meal. There are just so many dishes to choose from! It may take a little time but you are sure to come up with something that will please your guests and probably astonish them too, if they don’t have experience of how varied and delicious a raw food diet menu can be.

One of the great things about eating raw is that you can have some stunning colors on the table. Cooked foods lose the vibrancy of their colors along with so much else. When you are serving raw food, it’s easy to prepare a menu plan that will cover the table with color and make people long to taste everything.

Many Colorful Raw Food Diet Dishes

Raw Food Diet Menu
Raw Food Diet Menu

For that reason, you may want to prepare a range of dishes and serve them all together, buffet style, even if people are sitting down at the table. Provided the tastes will not clash, this is easy to do. Instead of offering one large bowl of mixed salad, you can serve a green salad with just a splash of color, and slices or sticks of crunchy salad vegetables separately, with a range of dips. Put enough dishes on the table and you have a combined first course and main.

You can also provide cabbage leaves for people to stuff to make their own raw spring rolls. This makes a great first course.

If you are serving the main course separately, you may want to offer something more traditional like zucchini noodles with a tomato based sauce, raw pizza, or a raw stir-fry without the frying. Raw vegetable noodles require a simple piece of kitchen equipment known as a spiral slicer, or you can slice them into ribbons very thinly with a knife.

Raw Food Diet Desserts

The choice of desserts for your raw food diet menu is huge. You probably already have your own favorites. If not, go experiment! The choices include cheesecake substitutes, chocolate puddings, raw brownies, fruit tarts and pies with a nut-based crust, or simply freeze your favorite smoothie recipe (with less added water) to make ice cream. Some of these are even better than the real thing!

Gourmet raw food recipes can be very filling, so it’s worth offering guests an alternative of plain fruit salad at the dessert stage. Some will want your classic nut-based ‘cheesecake’ but others will already have eaten their fill during the earlier courses of your raw food diet menu.

Of course, as with any dinner party, it is important to test all your dishes before the big day. You need to make sure they all work, both in appearance and in taste. If you can, have other people try the dishes in your raw food diet menu too.

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