April 23, 2024

Fast Food Nation is a movie coming out, or is out depending on where you live, that looks at the dark side of the fast food industry.

Apparently 1 in 8 adults in America have at one point received a paycheck from a fast food chain and this is a real problem, you will buy what you know, and the food is terrible for you as we all know.

One of the horrible things about the fast food chains though is the way that the supply train for the companies treat the workers all the way from the slaughtering plants to the stores.

The movie Fast Food Nation is based on the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

Fast Food Nation is getting some great reviews and I have found the sysnopis of the movie from the fast food nation site:

FAST FOOD NATION traces the birth of an everyday, ordinary burger through a chain of riveting, fastfood_nation.jpginterlocked human stories – from a hopeful, young immigrant couple who cross the border to work in a perilous meat-packing plant, to a teen clerk who dreams of life beyond the counter; to the corporate marketing whiz who is shocked to discover that his latest burger invention – “The Big One” – is literally full of manure.

As the film traverses from pristine barbeque smoke labs to the volatile U.S.-Mexican border, it unveils a provocative portrait of all the yearning, ambition, corruption and hope that lies inside what America is biting into.

I am looking forward to this movie a lot.

I remember how excited I was about Supersize Me when it came out and showed how bad eating McDonalds is to eat non stop for a month and I am hoping for just as big of things from this movie as well.

The more pressure that we can put on fast food companies to improve the quality of their food and working conditions the faster these changes will be made.

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