April 25, 2024

I got this article about fat loss mistakes to avoid from Craig Ballantyne, the creator of turbulence training and I wanted to pass it along.

When it comes to fat loss, I feel like I’ve been everywhere and seen everything. I’ve watched 95% of people in the gyms struggle with loss and make no progress, but I’ve also watched the weirdest and wildest regimens work for others.

And in dealing with thousands of people on the Internet and through the Men’s Health website, I’ve been able to pick up on the….

Fat Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Fat Loss Mistakes to Avoid
Fat Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Here they are to help you avoid these fat loss mistakes…

1. People simply fail to consider the consequences of their actions
Alwyn Cosgrove (one of the top trainers in the business) once told me, “I get my clients to think, ‘Will this help me or not? Is this a positive step or not?’ If you can see that every action that you take is either helping you lose fat or stopping you from losing fat, then you will start to make better choices.”

So remember that everything you put in your mouth is either for or against fat loss. And every exercise choice you make is either for or against fat loss. “Get that”, Alwyn says, “and you’re a hit.”

2. People neglect to control their insulin and blood sugar levels – 2 key factors in determining whether or not the body fat will come off

If you eat processed foods you are guaranteed to elevate your insulin & blood sugar levels. If you do that, your body sends the message, “Store fat!”, and you won’t make any progress. So avoid white-flour based bakery products, sugary drinks, and almost any carbohydrate snack that comes in a bag or a box.

3. People train like it’s the 80’s
Yes, I know. Eighties music is popular again. But that doesn’t mean ineffective training methods from the 80’s like light weights, low intensity steady state cardio, and endless low-intensity ab work should also make a comeback. That type of training should stay buried in the back issues of cheesy muscle magazines. Stick to strength training and interval training for efficient and effective body changing routines.

I know that the “fat-burning” zone and “morning cardio on an empty stomach” has been drilled into your heads by well-meaning trainers and articles, but science just doesn’t support this.

The latest on fat loss research from Australia has shown that a 20-minute interval program led to significantly more loss than 40-minute aerobic sessions.

We must adapt our programs to the science in order to succeed. Don’t be left behind!

4. People don’t take 30 minutes to plan their next day’s food intake
If you fail to do this, you will set your fat loss efforts back by a minimum of 72 hours. Without a good meal plan, you are left to hunt and gather food in the modern world. And that’s a recipe for fat loss disaster. You are bound to eat something processed if you aren’t prepared. You will lose the fat burning benefits from yesterday’s workout and it will take until the end of the following day to get back on track. An entire 72-hour period wasted.

5. People don’t eat enough vegetables
We can thank John Berardi for making it common knowledge that you should eat fiber-rich vegetables at every meal to assist your fat loss efforts. By doing so, you’ll control your blood sugar and insulin – thus supporting the optimal hormonal situation for fat loss.

6. People screw up their hormones with poor lifestyle choices
If you are out boozing and staying up late on the weekend, you are shutting down your fat loss and messing up the optimal hormonal environment for fat burning. I will talk a lot more about the optimal hormonal levels for fat loss in the future, as I believe this is the underrated key to building your best body ever.

7. People don’t plan and monitor their training sessions
If you are still going to the gym without a plan, then you are going to have a hard time losing fat. And if you aren’t recording your workouts and eating habits, then you aren’t losing as much fat as you probably can. To fix this mistake, start by getting on track with strength training and interval training. It’s guaranteed to get you lean.

I know that your motivation is high at this time of the year. So grab a good program based on science, add to that a nutrition PLAN (that is actually planned out on paper – like the TT Nutrition Guidelines from Dr. Chris Mohr), and get some social support on your side and you will succeed this year.

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Now that you know the fat loss mistakes to avoid it is time for you to put them into action.

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  1. “People simply fail to consider the consequences of their actions” sums it up. Every choice we make throughout the day either brings us closer to our goal or farther away. Excellent post!

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