February 28, 2024
Fibromyalgia Relief
Fibromyalgia Relief

Everyone experiences pain at some point in their lives, but for a select few seeking Fibromyalgia relief pain is their life. Fibromyalgia is a condition where patients are constantly experiencing pain. These patients experience pain so badly they don’t even have words to describe what they are going through, often do not want to be touched, and will do anything to alleviate their symptoms, including changing their diet. for these people Fibromyalgia Relief is a big concern as the Fibromyalgia pain will just not go away.

Dr. Kent Holtorf founder of The Holtorf Medical Group specializes in fibromyalgia and sees patients on a daily basis with this problem looking for Fibromyalgia relief. One important change that can help eliminate pain symptoms is diet. Many patients don’t realize how much their diet is affecting their condition.

How to get Fibromyalgia Relief

Dr. Holtorf believes there are seven main foods chronic pain patients looking for Fibromyalgia Relief should avoid, known as the seven deadly diet sins and include:

Carbs and Sugar Gluttony – “ Any of the following ingredients in excess contribute to a patient’s over all pain. The number one culprit is simple carbohydrates and sugar.

Aspartame Lust – “ Aspartame is an added sugar that many companies include in their foods to make patients crave their product. Although everyone loves low calorie sugars, Aspartame exacerbates symptoms.

Dairy Greed – “ Dairy should only be eaten in very small doses and patients do not necessarily need these products and can find other healthful substitutes.

Caffeine Anger – “ Patients turn to caffeine as a source of energy without realizing that the additive increases emotional side effects like anger and sadness and fibromyalgia patients eventually ‘crash’ and have no energy.

Plant Pride “ Believe it or not even the most prideful health conscious patients don’t always realize that night shade plants (like tomatoes) are not good for them and can worsen pain symptoms

Yeast and Glutton Envy – “Although donuts, cakes and other pastry look delicious patients need to control their cravings in order to avoid painful side effects.

Preservative Sloth – “ Preservatives (MSG) can be found in a lot of ‘TV dinners’ and frozen foods. Patients need to go out of their way to buy fresh healthy foods and not always take the easy way out.

Of course fiet is not the only Fibromyalgia relief there are also pain medications and many people also think that exercise can help as well What have you used for Fibromyalgia relief in the past?

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  1. Whoever said you are what you eat was a genius! Diet plays such a pivotal role in everything we do. Did you know chronic back pain can be virtually eliminated simply by changing your diet in many cases? It’s true; I did it myself!

  2. Seems like the answer to myriad ailments is diet…we are consuming the wrong thing and paying for it dearly.

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