February 28, 2024

Sometimes I feel a bit down. Maybe down is the wrong word but instead it should be unmotivated. I just sit and surf, play clash of clans, formulate simple ideas that I might never fulfill.

But sometimes, more now than last month I feel the pull do make a change to more peoples lives. This blog to you seems like a bunch of information and articles but to me this is a vehicle to change peoples lives one at a time.

Everyone has a destiny. Some people do not see their destiny yet but hopefully that destiny will come to them soon.

Do you know your destiny?

I love this video. It has been out for a few month and was created by a fellow called Mateusz. There are a deries of them but this one called Destiny is my motivation today


Watch it! Only 3 minutes but it will rally up your mind and spirit and help you on your way today to finding or further fulfilling your destiny

How do I find My Destiny?

This is a question that I have wondered for a long time. I think that your destiny can not be seen just by looking forward but instead by looking back at the moments that stand out in your life.

We are all good at certain things and not good at others.

A destiny is not always, I believe, just to help other people or to change the world but is often just a way that we are all a bit of a stone that others can use to find their way as well. A footprint that leads a path for others.

Always try and make the world a better place. We hear that line a lot but is it the way we live?

I try to break down some of these “woohoo” type ideas into the practical and the real.

So to me I believe that this looking back at memories will show successes and strengths as well as failures and weaknesses.

Dont believe in luck, always move towards your destiny

Also see what makes you most passionate will lead you in your quest for your destiny.

So when you look at that intersection between your past success, your past and present strengths, and then overlay your passion on top of that you will find your destiny.

Your destiny is the thing that gets you out of bed with a spring in the morning. I know that some days I crawl slowly and with trepidation out of bed.

But other days when I am really excited about what I am creating I just can’t wait to get out of bed and start moving in the direction of my dreams and destiny where I can help others.

Destiny is to achieve starting today

I hope that today you can make some time to look back and see what you have always been good at and what you want to do in the future.

Remember that your destiny can be difficult to find but often it is obvious once you have found it.

Work always towards the fulfillment of your destiny. Live your life as if your destiny is the only thing that matters and you will find that you make much better decisions instead of having your life meander through the instruction and decisions dictated by others.

Do you know what your destiny is? Are you moving towards bringing that destiny to the world today?

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