March 28, 2023

flu shotWell that wonderful time of year is here again. flu season. My family is going to get flu shots next Thursday, how about you?

I think we are going to have two news stories coming our way this fall about flu shots, first the news will say that no one cares about a flu shot with no H1N1 hysteria out there. The second flu shot story (hopefully) will be that lots of people will be getting flu shots because they are not worried about the pain of the shot or side effects and it just seems like the responsible thing to do.

The FDA has a bit of info on what the new flu show will cover and time will tell how accurate they are this year with the flu mix cocktail

How about you? Do you expect to get a flu shot? Are you worried about side effects or don’t like to be poked with a needle in the arm?

1 thought on “Flu Shot Season?

  1. Some things to remember: Walgreens is selling flu shots (via Take Care) for $30 each; Most independently owned urgent care facilities are selling them for between $20 and $25, and these are THE SAME flu vaccines from the THE SAME manufacturers as Walgreens uses. Finally, and most often overlooked, IF YOU HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, you may be covered for the flu vaccine, at no extra cost.
    You already pay hundreds (or thousands) every month in your health insurance premiums. Isn’t it perhaps a good idea to have them pay for your flu shot too? Many urgent care facilities will offer to verify whether your insurer will cover you or not, saving you lots of money. This is especially important for employers who might be wasting thousands on their employees instead of having the bill submitted to the group health insurance. That’s what we do, so ask around.

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