May 19, 2024

Last week my wife and son got the flu and after all family flu shots over the last few years the flu really shook my confidence in the flu shot. Well in researching I found that there is one very recent study showing that although the flu shot is not a cure all the flu shot reduced the incidence of the flu by 30%. Definitely with it don’t you think?

In a four-season observational study, having a flu shot was also associated with fewer doctor visits for influenza-like illness and better school performance, according to Kristin Nichol, M.D., and colleagues at the University of Minnesota.

The findings suggest college students can expect “substantial benefits” from getting vaccinated, Dr. Nichol and colleagues said in the December issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Acute upper respiratory infections during the flu season cause substantial morbidity among college students, the researchers said, much of it caused by influenza itself.

Studies of the benefits of vaccination among adults have focused on workplace outcomes — such as reduced absenteeism — but similar studies have not looked at college and university students, Dr. Nichol and colleagues said.

To clarify the issue, they looked at full-time students at the University of Minnesota during four flu seasons, adding students from St. Olaf College, in Northfield, Minn., during the final season.

Students were invited to participate in a series of e-mail surveys in October of each study year — 2002/2003 through 2005/2006 — with the flu seasons in each year defined retrospectively using surveillance data from the state health department.

Over the four years, a total of 19,796 students completed the baseline questionnaire and 17,998 filled out at least one follow-up survey. Of the latter group, 12,975 said whether they had been vaccinated.

Overall, the study found, 30.2% of the 12,795 who provided flu shot data had been vaccinated and 24.1% had an influenza-like illness during the flu season.

2 thoughts on “Study shows flu shot really is effective

  1. Just a thought but what happened to those that didn’t reply?

    Do we assume they died or what?

    Epidemiology can prove anything if you allow even just one person to escape without knowing why.

    The vaccine may be good or bad but most of the science is suspect.

    I imagined from publicity that over 70 per cent get the flu shot but here the result seems at odds with that figure.

    And which of the group got the flu? The vaccinated or other group?

    in one blog here someone claimed to have had 20 flu shots and no flu. Thats real good but did they contain mercury and if so that means while no flu he or she will be bursting with organomercury which may or may not be latent illness for the future.

    To give medication to the healthy we need not be 100 per cent sure they are safe but 200 per cent sure and as someone else said that needs a miracle.

    I havent had the flu shot for the past 20 years but havent miseed a day off work for illness either.

    So where or what does does that prove?

    Had smallpox and polio shots but they are like real killer illnesses and some risks are worth taking though I was 5 at the time and worried even then of short and long term effects.

  2. I happen to be a crew member, and I’m not sure that there would be room on the lake for killer River Gyms. Plus, we already have enough trouble dodging kayaks, canoes, fishermen, and the occasional floating office karaoke party

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