March 2, 2024

It may seem like a backwards way to think but you can indeed eat to lose and here are four tips to help you lose by eating.

1. Plan your meals. Not three meals but instead three bigger meals and three smaller snacks. I know that we are always taught that snacking is bad but if it is not junk food than the snacking will help to raise your metabolism by confirming to your body that it is not starving and keeping your fat burning going.

2. Eat more protein than you are used to. Protein is not only a building block of muscles but more importantly your body will burn fat and protein in nearly equal parts. If there is more than enough protein in your diet then your body will not cannibalize your muscles to burn protein.

3. Strategize eating around exercise. It is important to eat properly around your exercise. Eat carbs to fuel your endurance and protein to help to repair you muscles. Just prior to working out get a lot of carbs and right after your workout take in protein to start beating out that nitrogen negative in your body.

4. Eat lots of high fiber foods. Keep yourself regular, keep your body burning food. A high fiber diet will do three things. First you will have the bulk in your system to keep your body clean and efficient. Secondly fiber will raise your metabolism and thirdly if your drink lots of water your fiber diet will help to regulate the water in your body

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