May 24, 2024

Suppose that you’ve never worked out in life, and all of a sudden someone tells you that if you wish to get rid of your fat belly you, you would need to hit the gym for two weeks straight and spend an average of six hours there per day. How would you react to that? Your first thought would be that it is better to keep your fat belly intact and watch that cool Hollywood movie instead of working so hard.

Well, that is the exactly the same way your kids think when they are asked to workout like crazy for the purpose of weight loss. However, if you ask them to do some fun activities which would keep them cheerful and help them lose at the same time, then nothing like it. In this article I prescribe three such fun activities for your kids.

1. Dog walking: Walking is one of the simplest ways to lose weight, but kids won’t want to walk without any incentive. Do you have a pet dog at home? If yes, the incentive could be that of taking the dog for a walk. If your kids are particularly attached to the pets at home, this would become easier. Be a model to your kids and take the dog with you when going out for your regular morning walks, and your kids would soon follow suit.

2. The twister trick: Board games and video games make your kids fat for sure, but not all games are that bad. Consider for example the twister game. Would you call it dull and boring? Definitely not. It is one game which kids of all ages are sure to enjoy, and since they cannot play it sitting on the couch, it would help them lose as well.

Again you could take the initiative by playing the game for your kids at first, and since kids like to emulate adults, they would soon mimic you.

3. Let the chair be filled with music: Okay, I mean musical chairs. This is a very well known game but very few people know that it could be used to make your kids lose the fat belly instantly. The game is pretty simple: just get several hula hoops and chairs and put them all close to each other. Let the music begin.

The kids are supposed to walk in a big circle around the hoops or chairs as soon as the music begins. Immediately after music stops, the kids are required to jump fast into the hula hoops or the chairs; if anyone is unable to jump on the chair in time, he is sent back to the cheering section. Before the start of the next round of the game, you should take away one chair from the group.

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