May 18, 2024

What the heck is this? A woman in New Jersey wants to gain 400 pounds so that she can get up to 1000 pounds. Why would anyone want to do this to their body? My gut tells me to watch my and I feel sooo much better when I am active and improving my fitness. This lady seems to have a crazy goal that is so outrgeous that it made the front page of the Yahoo news site.

The news of the New Jersey woman who wants to weigh 1,000 pounds is making its way around the globe. When I read it, it just made me very sad.

Future 1000 Pound Woman

Zoya (Flare)Donna Simpson, a 42-year old mother who now weighs approximately 601 pounds, has her sights set on seeing the scale hit four digits. She previously earned the Guinness Book of Records title for being the world’s biggest mother when she gave birth in 2007.

1000 pound woman
1000 pound woman

Simpson said her strategy to add includes reducing her activity as much as possible and consuming more food.

What is heart-breaking is that Simpson is mindful enough to have a plan to gain 400 pounds but doesn’t seem to factor in how that impacts her young daughter and 14-year old son. Although she says that “running after my daughter keeps [her] down,” she already relies on a motorized scooter when shopping.

What will happen when she is completely bedridden due to her size and the inevitable medical complications that come with less and less activity and more and more ? What will happen to the children left with that legacy if her mother does not survive her own pursuit of the 1,000 title? What are these children learning too early about misplaced ambition, well-being, self-care, and just staying alive?

It also saddens me that someone who clearly has drive would use it in such a self-destructive manner. Reading her quotes, so full of disillusionment, feels the same as watching addicts suddenly run away from the treatment facility on “Ceberity Rehab” or seeing a famous athlete accused of countless infidelities deny, deny and deny some more.

Her habit — or action item on her plan, as she may now see it — reportedly includes spending
$815 a week on groceries and consuming as much as 70 pieces of sushi at a time.

It’s unfathomable, even to those of us who have had times when our own sense of portion size and food spending has been far out of the healthy range.

But before we get too judgmental, about a someone that wants to be a 1000 pound woman consider that Simpson is clearly being enabled by the public. According to Daily Mail, she currently earns some income by running a site where male viewers pay to watch her eat and wash herself.

It seems that something radical is called for to help this woman who is now getting the attention I fear she seeks. I just hope that there is someone out there who can get through to her and soon. Not just an intervention for her, but for the small, vulnerable childĀ and teenager caught in the middle of all this sadness and unhealthiness.

6 thoughts on “Future 1000 Pound Woman

  1. I am nearly 60 pounds over wieght the most I have been in my 36 years of living.I did everything when I say everything I changed my life style and my eating habits and only lost 15 pounds in 2 years. I hate myself. I do not even like to sit cause I can feel the fat.I stand all the time. I also have slight medical issues but I do not use that as an excuse. I cry myself to sleep cause I hate lying down feeling like a slob. I am very active and drinks no soda chips bread etc. I rather have no food in the house but because I have kids I have to. This woman is making me wish I could be loved if I was fat. My husband is a health freak and I would not want to lose him over gain. but at the same time I cannot bared to feel like shit why not wat and be fat to cover up how you really feel and not care what other people think. You go lady. Do you be proud and I know you will lose it afterwards. Go do it.

  2. It is very simple. She is a feedee/gainer. She is turned on by the thought of being this large and that is why she is doing it (most likely). She also (most likely) has a feeder who is helping her gain faster by bringing her food, helping her with activities so she doesn’t have to do them, hand feeding her when she is completely full, etc. It is sad that she has kids though, as this will cause an untold number of issues with their development. But that aside, if she wants to do this then it is her choice and we do not have the right to tell her not too. Do some research and you will see their is a very large community out their that admires fat people and people who actively try to gain .

  3. this is nuts many of us over people try to hard to loose the to be healthier and she is gaining it to be in a book. now that is crazy. honestly when you have children u can’t be so selfish to put yourself though this as well as your kids you could die and where is that going to leave your family ok ya i’ll tell you ALONE WITH OUT A MOM. so i ask you is this worth it? NO its not

  4. Am really having a hard time understanding why this woman would WANT to gain even more ….After reality hit me, I made the decision to change my life and lifestyle and have worked very, very hard the last two years to lose over 100 pounds. I feel like a new person with a new life and lifestyle and am not done yet….. Wish this woman would rethink her choice….but it is, after all, HER choice………………

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