April 21, 2024

I know how many of us feel about tennis elbow. We have all heard of tennis elbow and usually don’t really pay attention until it hits us, then we really car how to get rid of tennis elbow.

A couple of years ago I had been struggling with a tendon or ligament problem in my lower arm for a couple of weeks and actually I got a cortisone shot which to my surprise cured it.

Cortisone or Brace – How to Get Rid of Tennis Elbow

The cortisone shot helped me but I worry that it was only masking the problem so I am sure to stretch and strengthen these muscles as well as wearing a brace for part of the day. finally I was also icing my arm to try and get the tennis elbow problem to go away.

Tennis season is in full swing, and while this country club sport may seem leisurely, if not played correctly, it can be detrimental for joints and muscles  inlcuding tennis elbow.

Tennis Elbow Cause

  • Symptoms of Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Tennis Elbow or lateral epicondylitis, is a pain or inflammation of the outside part or (lateral side) of the elbow.

As a repetitive use injury, where individuals use their wrists and forearms, almost anyone can acquire this condition. Tennis elbow’s origin is due to muscle spasms in and around forearm, supinator and extensor muscles.
anatomy involved with tennis elbow

  • Take your hand and turn in out as you would hold a bowl of soup; this best represents in the action of the supinator muscles of the forearm.
  • The action of the extensor muscles of the forearm can be represented as a backhanded hit in tennis.
  • Using these muscles when they are not properly stretched, strengthened, or warmed up will cause muscles to go into spasm.
  • When muscles are in spasm, they become tight, less mobile and will pull causing constant tension on tendons. This eventually causes inflammation and pain.

Treating Tennis Elbow

Make sure your forearm and shoulder muscles are conditioned properly before use, whether it is tennis you are playing or simple sweeping the floor.

When it comes to tennis, proper hitting technique is important so that there isn’t an overstraining of muscles when hitting the ball. Consult a tennis trainer to make sure you are hitting the ball correctly.

Stretching and strengthening the arm regularly before and after playing sports.

  • See below for sample stretching techniques.
  • Specific acupuncture techniques locate key trigger points in and around the forearm, which successfully release muscles spasms, and instead of steroids use homeopathic injections to inflamed tendons and muscle spasms that decrease pain and inflammation in tissues and joints.

Tennis Elbow Stretches

Stretching and Strengthening Techniques

  • With your arm straight out in front of you and palm facing downward, take the opposite hand and push down on your fingers and apply pressure until your fingers are pointing back towards the ground. Apply gentle tension until the fingers are pointing back towards you.
  • Soft tissue releases help by applying pressure to the muscle at the same time it is being stretched.
  • A massage can help reduce the muscular tightness and reduce the tension on the tendons.

Just as an update, I did get rid of my tennis elbow with icing, rest, and wearing a cuff on the top of my lower arm for a few days. I have gone back to doing some weights and my arm is stronger now than it has been in a long time now that the tennis elbow pain is gone

4 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Tennis Elbow

  1. The correct treatment for tennis elbow is a band around the upper forearm to immobilise the lateral epicondyle and rest. Tennis elbow is often caused by small tears and fraying the in the ligaments that anchor there, so exercising and stretching your elbow may lead to more damage which might eventually become inoperable and lead to the ligament having to be cut. It’s funny how people see things by their own limited experiences, my partner is a PT (and a biochemist) and she seems to (wrongly) believe that you can cure the world with diet and stretching too!
    “Homeopathic injections” are complete fantasy, have no basis in anything but placebo for the believer, and I don’t think they have any place here. I am a life-scientist, and I can assure you that water does not retain the activity of what was once in it and is no longer due to serial dilution (imagine the chaos that would ensue if it did). If however you want to pay to have water injected into your muscles by a new age hippy with some dodgy mail-order qualification, then go for it, good luck you have too much money and not enough sense.

  2. resting doesn’t solve the problem, it will stop the pain but as soon as you participate in the chosen sport, the pain is coming back, he best way to resolve the problem is to just work through it.

  3. Physiotherapy treatment can be benefical from sufferers of Tennis Elbow. A Physiotherapist may try various techniques to reduce the pain. These may include exercises, deep tissue massage and acupuncture.

    You may also be shown exercises to do that stretch your muscles and that can improve the movement and strength of your elbow and wrist. You should start these exercises as soon as possible after any injury, when your pain has eased. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise you on this.

  4. Elbow tendinitis seems to be pretty common. I get it on and off, mostly on my right arm. Usually just by modifying my workouts I am able to get the swelling to subside to a point of being free of pain. But ice and rest are definitely the best first aid methods to try, and early too.

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