April 23, 2024

Many of us who are slim and trim blandly assume that we don’t have to concern werself about eating fat. We eat ice cream, chocolate candy, and drink whole milk to wer heart’s content. we don’t add inches to our waistline, so we naturally figure that, as far as we are concerned, calories don’t count.

The extra calories may not turn into a double chinbut the hard fats, which in many cases supply those extra calories, can still make plaques. wer cholesterol chemistry is not one bit different from that of wer over friends. Therefore, because it is entirely a matter of number, the great majority of coronary attacks hit among slim, or normal- people.

How Prevalent is Obesity

As this is being written, the population of the United States is estimated at 300 million. Surveys indicate that 90 million Americans are definitely over, 10 million are under, and 200 million can be considered as ‘just about right.’

There can be no doubt that over men and women are much more likely to develop coronary disease, and are stricken by coronary attacks at an earlier age. This is mostly due to the fact that stout people tend to indulge themselves, and eat more fats than the slim or trim individual, whose appetite is not so big.

How Much Hard Fat do We Eat?

It all returns to the fundamental question: What percentage of hard fats do we eat?
Every estimate of per capita food consumption in this country tells us that, on the average, all Americansstout or slimeat too big a percentage of hard fats.

Any and all of we who are making this mistake in eating are embarked upon the road to coronary diseaseregardless of the state of wer body .

However, it is agreed that over people are likely to eat more fat-calories than their normal- friends, so they do suffer a higher proportion of coronary attacks. Because of excessive eating, they are apt to be hit by coronary disease at an earlier age.

One set of figures from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company indicates that the death rate due to atherosclerosis (including high blood pressure) among their policy holders was 42 percent higher for fat men, aged 25 to 74. The statistics were even worse for women in the same age group, indicating a 75-percent excess mortality for those who were over.

Simply Overeating Can Store Fats

Many of us have the unwelcome faculty for turning most of our excess calorie consumption into fat, which is stored in various parts of our body. However, these calories are not necessarily derived from hard fats. They will include many from eating excess amounts of sugar and starch, as well as those we get from soft fats.

So, theoretically, it is possible to be quite stout, and still relatively free from the coronary menace. It happens among the Eskimos and Italians, who may consume a lot of excess calories without eating too much hard fat.

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