February 28, 2024

Years ago when I was doing lifting I was following a high protein diet plan and  there were two times of year. The first was the bulking up, and the second was cutting up. Cutting up was when we used a high protein diet plan to lose fat, keep our muscle, and get lean.

Over the last few years the high protein diet has become very mainstream and many people talk about using Atkins, or the zone diet to lose and this was exactly the cutting up diet that I mentioned earlier. Many people have very good results initially with a high protein diet plan but those results tend to diminish over time.
So, you may have come here looking for how to do a high protein diet plan and i will not disappoint you. There are three main parts of this diet plan and although each diet is different these points are going to help you out and will definitely help you lose fairly quickly.

High protein diet plan

high protein diet plan1. Divide your meals up – It is critically important in a high protein diet plan for you to convince your body that you are not really dieting and the best way to do that is to make sure that you are not going too long between meals. Try to divide your meals so that you are eating about six times a day. The way I look at that instead of snacks is that I have first and second breakfast, first and second lunch, and first and second dinner. The key though is to make sure these are not full meals but instead half meals where you are eating the same amount of food in a day but just over more feedings.

2. Cut out white carbs – One of the important parts of a high protein diet plan is to make sure that you are eating meats (high in protein), fruits and vegetables, and no potatoes, bread, rice, or other white carbohydrates. These white carbs are low water and very high carbohydrate concentrated foods and will not do you much good. The fruits and veggies will give you all of your vitamins and minerals and are very high in water so that you will not be taking in too many carbs.

3. Make your meals 50/50 – Make sure that your plate is half meat and half vegetables so that you are indeed taking in lots of protein. The protein is going to protect your muscles mass while you are losing so that yo lose fat instead of muscle. Also to make things a bit cheaper you can sometimes substitute beans and other high protein foods for the meat.

4 (Bonus tip). Drink lots of water – One of the real problems of eating a lot of protein is that youo are going to need a lot more water to metabolize all of this protein. Make sure you are eating the eight to ten glasses of water that your body will need a day. Also remember to space out the water throughout the day.

Getting start on your High Protein Diet Plan

Whether you are doing Atkins, the Zone diet or some other diet plan you will no doubt be looking at a lot of these tips and maybe more. There are lots of things to worry about on any diet but especially on a high protein diet plan you will want to keep the above in mind to stay healthy and to make the most of the diet.

4 thoughts on “High Protein Diet Plan

  1. Yeah, I agree, high protein is great, but I’m not a fan of red meat. My protein comes from chicken, beans, and occasionally tuna. I also drink whey protein shakes and eat cottage cheese. I don’t feel right if I’m not getting enough protein.

  2. A high protein diet is something that is fine, but you have to be careful because it could cause you to get high cholesterol.

    It’s best to just eat healthy and not have so many restrictions, this way you will be able to stick with your eating plan long-term which is the key to success.

  3. Some people truly thrive on high protein carbs… I know I thrive on red meats, and cutting out all grains… Others not so much because they need certain grains… Do you want to know what determines that? It’s easy to find out…

  4. Thanks for this one. I drink amount of water now, but not more then I did before I started a deit like the one you describe above. If you can get the time to do it I would like to here your take on Protein shake and other supplements.

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