April 25, 2024

In my house we seem to have certain jobs that each of us do and take care of ourselves. My wife takes care of getting the kids ready for as well as to and from school. I work and take the kids out to the pool and do lots of miscellaneous jobs and until last week walked the dog in the morning, afternoon and night.

Well that all changed last week when we got another little puppy Belle.

Pride in My Home Chores

two dogsI always think of myself as the guy that walks the dog in the morning and at night and I identify as part of my ego that I am the one in charge of walking the dog so I never ask my wife to do it and she never bothers since it is “my job”.

Well two dogs made me a bit nervous and I knew that I would have trouble with walking two dogs at once so my wife and I went out together each taking a dog and we have been doing it for a week now,

I have no problem giving up my job as the dog walker but the really great side effect of these walks is that when my wife and I are talking and hanging out together there is always a computer device or two around and kids looking for attention. The other crazy problem that we have is that our kids stay up late enough that we never have any time together as just the two of us.

Well now with two dogs we get lots of time together. 

We seem to treat our one dog and now the two dogs as some kind of royalty, when we first got them we made sure that their breed was the right for us. The dogs get walked a lot and every one of these times my wife and I get to go out and just talk. We talk like adults about what is going on, how the kids are, what we want to do next, how cold it is right now.

This is some of the best times we have spent together in a long time. Over the last week my wife and I have grown closer than we have in ages and we are both excited to take the dogs out.

I couldn’t have seen this coming. This has been one of those serendipitous things that happens in life only when we let down our own pride in what we think is ours but also a situation comes into our lives that is new. I am really glad that this new dog came into our lives and so is my wife. We have to really thank our daughter though, she is the one that kept bugging us to get a new dog.

2 thoughts on “How a Dog Helped my Relationship

  1. I think it’s great that you and your wife are walking the dogs together. It gets you guys some alone time. I would imagine with kids alone time is hard to come by.

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