May 24, 2024

The usual first step in treating Erectile Dysfunction is to check whether the problem is the result of a medication side effect. If so, there may be a different drug that can be prescribed that won’t result in Erectile Dysfunction.

Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunctionMedications are not the only treatment choices for men seeking help for Erectile Dysfunction. One option is a mechanical vacuum device that causes an erection by creating a partial vacuum that draws blood into the penis.

These devices have three components: a plastic cylinder the man places his penis in, a pump that draws air out of the cylinder to create the vacuum that pulls blood into the penis, and an elastic band that is placed around the base of the erect penis before it is withdrawn from the cylinder.

The band keeps the blood from leaving the penis, allowing the man to maintain the erection.

In some cases, surgery is an option. One type of surgery reconstructs arteries in men whose blood flow to the area has been affected; another blocks off veins that allow blood to leak out of the penis.

Penis Implant to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

There is also an operation in which a device is implanted into the penis that enables it to become erect.

Each treatment method has its own risks and benefits, and a man needs to discuss his options with his doctor in order to select the method that is right for him. It is also important to let the doctor know how well the treatment is working, because if one treatment doesn’t work, another might.

A man should never try combining medicines or changing dosages on his own. Only a doctor can determine what is a safe level of treatment.

Some men find that some simple lifestyle changes ease the problem. It may help to get more sleep, quit smoking, exercise regularly, find ways to reduce stress, and speak with a doctor if anxiety or depression are a problem.

Some men and their partners recognize that sex doesn’t have to mean just intercourse. A pleasurable sexual encounter can involve a variety of different activities.

However a man chooses to face the situation, it is important for him to discuss the issue openly and honestly with his partner, because the partner may mistakenly interpret an inability to have an erection as a loss of desire or attraction. Simply reassuring his partner that the love and desire are still there can be very helpful in addressing some of the emotional issues that surround Erectile Dysfunction.

If you have any questions about erectile dysfunction, you can ask your pharmacist, who will keep your conversation strictly confidential.

6 thoughts on “How is Erectile Dysfunction treated?

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  2. It sounds so simple but it’s true that a lot of men find that making some simple changes to their lifestyle can make a notable improvement in their impotence. It all comes down to adequate blood flow, so the herbal remedies like ginseng, ginkgo, yohimbine etc combined with a healthy diet, staying properly hydrated, exercise and plenty of sleep can be super effective.

  3. Yes, perscriptions and/or surgery might be the best cure for erectile dysfunction. However, some people might not need that drastic of a measure. For them a penis pump may be all the need.

  4. The Dr Max Powers HGH Spray is GREAT for anyone looking to increase their virility and libido. Unlike testosterone creams and gels that can be messy, smelly or ineffective, this HGH spray is a nice booster that can be used discretely to avoid embarrassment.

    I like the Dr Max HGH spray because I can slip into the restroom on a date and take 2 or 3 squirts full without my date knowing. However, the effects of this product are subtle. You won’t become a raging bull instantly but if you use it daily and then double up before lovemaking you will notice a difference.

  5. I agree with Ali to a certain degree, but I also think that the male reproductive system is designed to last. The fact that sperm is produced in the male testes throughout his entire lifetime is a testament to this fact.

    I really like the author’s take on this situation, because I feel very strongly that diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices affect how we age, as well as our libido and sexual function.

  6. One thing I think that is also important is that men need to realize that some decrease in libido, ability to achieve erections, etc. is a natural part of aging – whether we like it or not. Sex was designed for procreation, and the sad fact is that men don’t need to procreate as much when they’re 60 compared to when they’re younger. Obviously if there’s a medical condition at fault then that needs to be addressed.

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