April 12, 2024

According to a recent study, college students start putting on pounds their first semester and continue to do so throughout their sophomore year. The notorious Freshman 15. The stress of entering a new school, being far from home and readily available junk food are just a few of the many factors that contribute to freshman gain.

Experts with the Top Trainers DVD set (www.buytoptrainers.com) have provided tips to ease the transition and lose/maintain your .

Avoid the Freshman 15- Buddy System

Avoid the Freshman 15
Avoid the Freshman 15

Staying motivated may require some help from a peer. Partner up with a friend and put together a weekly workout routine. Scout locations. Utilize the space on your campus, check out the track, hills or find the gym closest to your quad. Partnering up with a friend helps keep your focus on the right track when it comes to staying in shape.

Avoid the Freshman 15- Dorm Room Moves

Late night and didn’t get a chance to make it to the gym? There are simple exercises you can do in your room to stay fit. Grab your iPod and begin by marching in place and keep it moving. Dance your way into shape. Throw in reps of jumping jacks, squats and lunges. If you are not much of a dancer, use your building stairs. Run or walk up and down the flight of stairs, while listening to your favorite playlist.

Avoid the Freshman 15- Fitness Night

Grab your group of friends and have a weekly fitness night. Hit the college lounge area with your favorite fitness DVD and workout, while having a great time with the girls. Try a different workout every week to keep it new and fresh. The Top Trainers DVD set is a perfect example. With 10 different featured trainers, you can challenge your body with Latin dance, Interval Training, Kickboxing, Ballet and Pilates and much more.

Avoid the Freshman 15- Stressed? Destress with Yoga

Exams, papers and endless books to read have you stressed? Drop the bag of chips! Fitness DVDs are the perfect solution for a quick session to distress. With less time required than a trip to the gym, unwind and relax in the comfort of your own dorm room. Instead of popping open a bag of chips, pop in a fitness DVD and manage your stress in a healthy way. Exercise helps eliminate stress. Try Ellen Barrett’s 45-minute Yogini class featured on the Top Trainers DVD set (www.buytoptrainers.com).

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