April 25, 2024

balance-life-fitnessI know that I ma not the only one that struggles with this. Trying to make sure that we get our exercise in and of course being pulled by the work that puts a roof over your head means that it is usually fitness that will lose the battle.

I want my wrinkles to melt away. I want my belly as flat as the girl in the Google ads. And I certainly want my arms to look as good as Michelle Obama’s. But when forced to choose between exercise, work and family, sit-ups and push-ups fall to the bottom of my list.

Unfortunately, the downturn in the economy has most of us working more, trying to find a job, or shifting in a new career direction, giving up exercise and fitness the minute it doesn’t fit into our schedule.

Yet, with the tough economy on everyone’s mind, exercise is probably the common denominator that keeps people sane: employers, employees, service providers, clients. Some people are taking extraordinary steps to preserve that outlet.
Lifestyle experts say some simple changes can help you balance work and fitness.

Create new habits: Marta Montenegro, editor in chief of SOBeFiT Magazine, says people often are too ambitious in their fitness goals.

She started out small, making one change at a time. Whenever she feels stressed, she takes a 10-minute walk around the office or her neighborhood.

To create a habit of eating a more healthful diet, start with breakfast. Or fill your desk drawer, purse and car with nutritious snacks. It’s easy to give excuses about why you didn’t exercise or eat right.

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4 thoughts on “How to Balance Fitness and Work

  1. Sometimes small steps can help get us moving in the right direction. Bad economy or not–we have to take care of our health.

  2. These article will definitely help people who are working and want to balance fitness and work. In order to balance fitness and work we should create a new habit of eating healthy diet starting from breakfast. We should get moving on exercise like walking, stretching as it is the easiest way of exercise during a busy schedule. Even though we are busy working we should at least 7 hours a day and have regular food. Exercise should be done at least a bit before going for a work and the diet should be of healthy one in order to maintain a better body structure.

  3. Have to keep fitness good by spending the precious time for balancing fitness and also spend the time to work it allow the fitness and work in good way

  4. Sometimes small steps can help get us moving in the right direction. Bad economy or not–we have to take care of our health.

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