February 28, 2024

How to build a V Taper – that V-shape taper from huge shoulders to a small waist – is the first thing that many bodybuilders want to know.

It is often what sets bodybuilders apart from others in the gym and makes them stand out on the beach or even in the street. It is what makes a guy look like a comic book superhero about to save the world!

There are three main muscle groups that you need to consider when you are planning how to build a V Taper to an impressive degree. Let’s take them one by one.

Lats Create The V Taper

build a V TaperThe lats (latissimus dorsi) are the muscles that cover the sides of the middle back, reaching up to the armpit. As a bodybuilder, you will always want to keep building bigger and wider lats.

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There are two types of exercise that you need to use if you want to work and build the lats.

The first involves chin-ups and pulldown moves. These build width.

The second is rows (e.g. cable rows and barbell rows) and deadlifts, which build thickness. You will need to cover both.

Deltoids Are The Top Of The V

The deltoids are the muscles that cover the shoulder joint, forming the rounded shape of the shoulder.

Your aim when you are considering how to build upper body V will be to build a strong, round ball shape on the shoulder.

This gives the shoulders that massive, wide look.

The way to build deltoids is to use both a heavy pressing action and leverage raise exercises. Take as much as you can without sacrificing form. Raises should always be performed with full control, never by swinging the weights.

Exercises that you might want to include are: seated press, dumbbell lateral raises, bent over lateral raises, and cable lateral raises both in front and behind the back.

Abdominals As The Bottom Core Of The V

While they might seem out of place in an article on how to build upper body, the abs are just as important as the other two muscle groups. Having a tight midsection sets off the shoulders and contributes to the appearance of width at the top.

If you are interested in how to build upper body V shape, you will want to tighten rather than build the abs so that you do not develop a thick waist.

For this reason, some experts recommend that you avoid using weights in your abs workout and do not do side bends.

This may go against what others tell you but give it a try if you want to increase the contrast between weights and shoulders.

What exercises to build a V Taper?

Exercises to concentrate on here include crunches, leg raises, sit-ups and hanging knee raises. For the hanging knee raise, hang from the chin-up bar and bring the knees up as high as possible toward the chest. Lower and repeat.

Of course, you also need to follow a good bodybuilding diet with plenty of protein and complex carbs at the right times. Drink plenty of water too.

Soon it will be very clear when you hit the beach that you know how to build upper body and  have build a V Taper that is truly impressive.

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