April 17, 2024

There are many tips, tricks and ideas that people have to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Not only are there a lot of ways but there are a lot of people telling you what to do to live a healthy lifestyle.

I expect that you know more than you give yourself credit for and besides listening to me, you should take these following ideas and leverage them with the knowledge you already have to live a lifestyle that will make you happy and healthy.

Firstly you should make sure that your eating is good. Next time you go to the supermarket buy a lot of food that is fresh.

When I say fresh I mean food that have not been processed and put in a bag or a box.

this months dietThis mean more fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs and less flour based foods like crackers, cookies, cakes and breads. I also try to get people to eat a bit more protein, you know like fish, meat and chicken but depending on how you eat now those ideas may be enough already.

Next make sure that you have enough water in your diet. Many of us drink a lot of coffee and soft drinks and as much as these taste good they are not that great for your body and your body really does crave water.

Again this is up to you to listen to what your body needs and if you are thirsty grab some water more often than you grab the other drinks.

Do you feel tired all of the time? Often people feel tired for one of two reasons. Either they do not sleep enough or they allow stress to enter their lives and never let it go.

Letting go of the stuff in your life is the easy part. Make sure you action things that you need to do when you are in the position to change things and otherwise just have a list in every place that you need to get things done so that you can take care of it at its own place.

The sleep part if it is an issue will take care of itself once you let go of the stress and go to bed, with no TV, at a reasonable hour.

Last is exercise. Oh, did you think I would forget about exercise? Make sure that you have your body moving for at least 30 minutes a day.

I actually went as far as to move close to my work so that I could ride a bike to and from work every day and this alone has freed up more time because I do not have to worry about exercise and at the same time I have an increase in energy, sleep better and am able to eat a little worse than I would be able to otherwise.

Exercise is something that you should figure out as far as the kind and the time of day that you will fit them in, what works for me will quite possibly not work for you and this is where most exercise plans FAIL.

Does this how to list seem tough? I hope not.

There are many ways that you can make changes in your life and these how to’s are just an example of a few things that when put together can make a big difference in your life

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