March 5, 2024

fitness programOK Arnold Schwarzenegger has nothing to do with this but I just wanted to get a pic of Arnold somewhere on the blog. One of my big plans this year was to start a 21 day Health and fitness email program along with some changes in my diet that is perfect for this. Finally I have finished this thing and would like to announce it here.

21 day Fitness Program

The idea of the 21 day health and fitness program is to condense all of the important factors in improving your life in little bite sized chunks that you can get in your email. This program of course you can do at your own pace but the idea is that you get an email, follow through on the skills for the day and then two days later you will get the next part to apply.

One thing that is important to know is that this program is free and the real motivator for me to create his was that I was not sure if this blog itself could have the direct effect on people that a focused program would have.

You may wonder why the program is 21 days and in fact there is no real reason behind it, oh I could use the old “It takes 21 days to build a habit” or something but realistically I was try to have 20 days of emails but though it better to condense the program to 10 sections and send it out every second day.

I will be covering eating, sleeping, cardio, weights, supplements, and motivation as well as some other topics. I am hoping that you find this a great way to get started or a way to jump start a healthy lifestyle so If you are interested please visit the sign up page.

And if you do end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger by the end of the 21 days, well then you have exceeded my expectations.

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