March 5, 2024

Here are some tips on how to make healthy pizza recipes that are equally delicious but without the unhealthy ingredients of a regular one.

Usually, pizzas are tasty fast food that is loaded with calories and saturated fats. However, amid those appetizing cheese toppings, sodium-rich tomato sauce, and fried meat pieces, there is a basic harsh truth that, they are health hazards, cause high blood pressure, unsafe low density cholesterol, and lot more.

In short, you might just be hooked to pizzas of different recipes only to suffer from dreaded long term irreversible diseases. However, there is a solution for the foodies – Healthy pizzas made from unique nutritious and tasty How to Make Healthy Pizza recipes.

How to Make Healthy Pizza

How to Make Healthy Pizza
How to Make Healthy Pizza

Pizza Crust with A Difference
Use whole grain pitas instead of the usual pizza crust. These have low fat content, no cholesterol but good amount of dietary fiber to help in digestion.

Some chefs prefer baking the pizzas themselves by using whole wheat dough. Grilled pizza is also a good way to eat healthy.

Toppings with Low Fat
Pizzas are made to taste great with yummy toppings. Cheese is an essential ingredient used for this dish but it contains a high amount of fat.

However, don’t lose heart! You can use skimmed cheese, mozzarella cheese, or soy cheese that has good amount of calcium but low saturated fatty acids.

Don’t worry; you will get the same yummy taste of full-fat cheese if you were to use low fat cheese with other ingredients in your healthy pizza recipes.

You can even use pepperoni made from soy or low fat turkey pepperoni to make energy-rich, healthy pizza recipes. Instead of red meat, you can use soy based fillers and variety of fruits for your pizzas that is rich in protein rather than cholesterol and fatty acid.

Home Made Pizza Sauce
Sauce is also an essential ingredient to make your pizza mouthwatering. But, rich in sodium, fat and cholesterol, you will most likely get high blood pressure savoring pizzas of this variety.

However, equally fantastic pizza recipes can be prepared from self made sauce that requires tomato sauce, less sodium content tomato paste, cholesterol free olive oil with oregano, basil, onion, and black pepper among others.

How to Make Healthy Pizza – That Tastes Good

Healthy pizza recipes not only keep high fat and cholesterol at bay but also use ingredients that are rich in protein, fiber, and energy. These are easy to digest and are great fillers too.

From pizza dough to toppings and sauce, you can prepare homemade ingredients to make your pizza nutritious and healthy.

So, why not try baking a nutritious pizza at home tonight with these little hacks to make healthier pizza?

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