April 21, 2024

Paul Plakas is the fitness trainer on the TV show X-weighted. I have written about X-weighted before and the show itself is really good from the standpoint of the ideas. Paul Plakas tries his best on the show to help people from where they are now and their attitudes about food and exercise and one of the nice things about Paul is that he is tough on people.

What tends to happen to most people it seems on X weighted is that they change their eating and exercise and of course the early returns are not great compared to the sacrifices, no one seems to get the idea that they may be gaining muscle mass so the scale weight does in fact lie (more on that in another post). I like watching Paul lightly berate the people about their attitudes about food, exercise, and fitness in general.

OK so here is the reason for this post, and I hope Paul does see this at some point, people email me thanking me and the TV show all the time for the help that they have seen in the show and the inspiration that the show is to them.

I am not Paul but it is nice to see how people feel about the show and the questions that they have. If I can find Paul Plakas email address at some point I will try my best to forward messages as I give them but please if you are looking for Paul you should try the Slice network which was formerly the Life Network.

1 thought on “I am not Paul Plakas

  1. Hi my name is marsha clarke and i woted to be on the show iam trying to loss wight for my birthday and i am asking you to help me to loss the wight and I loss my job and I am very up set about it.

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