April 21, 2024

In case you haven’t heard of Inches a Weigh, it is a newly established loss center. On its website www.inchesaweigh.com, it claims to be very much different from the way conventional fitness centers work, in that it offers customized fitness and diet plans to its members. Inches a Weigh also claims to help their clients change lifestyle patterns. Now you maybe asking, is Inches a Weigh really a legit program or just one of the many existing shams. In this article I will tell you just that.

As we all know, diet and exercises are equally essential for fast weight loss. Inches a Weigh is generally made for women who are struggling to lose and are in desperate need of professional guidance. The structure of the loss program is divided into three phases.

Inches a phases

In the first phase, called “Nutritional Phase”, you are offered tips on food and nutrition. The second one is the “Body Sculpting Phase”, in which you would tone up your body. The third phase is called the “Cardiovascular Fitness Phase”, in which you would be doing cardios using elliptical, trainers, treadmills, and exercising bikes.

The program claims that on completion of all the above three phases, a woman would not only get rid of the extra pounds but also be able to maintain the slim and fit body throughout the rest of her life.

Pricing: If you have any experience with loss centers that offer customized plans to their clients, you would know that they generally charge big bucks. Inches a Weigh refuses to reveals its membership fees, which is a huge issue for me. From my experience, companies which aren’t transparent about their prices should be avoided at all costs. But wait, there is a lot more I discovered about this company.

Program structure: The second thing that seems problematic to me is the very structure of the program itself. It is true that diet and exercises are important to get rid of fat, but why should they be done in separate “phases” instead of going hand-in-hand?

As a matter of fact, dieting shouldn’t be separated from exercises; rather, both should go together, because dieting is incomplete without exercise and vice-versa. Moreover, the program seems to stress only on cardios and exclude intense workouts such as strength training and training. Unlike cardios, intense workouts help you burn a lot of fat within very little time. Also, unlike cardios, they not only burn fat during the workout session but also when you are resting.

No Diet pills or Supplements

Another thing that surprises me is that the program makes no mention of diet pills or loss supplements. I am not a big fan of diet pills because they are more harmful than helpful, but there is no reason to exclude premium loss supplements such as Advantra Z or Authentic Hoodia Gordonii. Weight loss supplements help you lose faster than you would without them.

To conclude, if you wish to join this program, you should get more information about it, especially its price. Like I said, such programs are usually very expensive. You should also enquire about how “different” it is from the other loss centers, because in my eyes it seems like just another loss center whose makers are ignorant of the basics of weight loss. I also feel that its clients could seriously benefit from the inclusion of loss supplements.

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  1. Hi. Inches a weigh has been around for more than 30 years under the same or similar names. I have had memberships at at least 4 locations in the past 35 years. They seem to pop up, stick around for 6 months to a year then close shop. It is a program geared for women and the toning tables work tremendously however, you sign a contract, make a down payment and give them lots of money month to month. I would go 3 to 4 times a week. It was great while it lasted. I believe they are all franchised. I had attempted several times to reach out to the “corporate” office but never got a response after the last one near me disappeared.

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