April 24, 2024

Often as people lose they run into a plateau, often this plateau is not really a time to be bearing down because the is not coming off although it is always a good time to look at all areas of your life to see if there is a good reason that you are not losing weight. Sometimes it is food, sometimes it is inches and sometimes it is just your body adjusting.

If you are not losing then maybe it is time to remeasure yourself. You do measure yourself regularly don’t you? All you need to do is measure in inches or centimeters around your neck, chest, hips, waist, upper leg, calves, upper arm and forearm. Of course also record your as that is a nice thing to relate to your measurements.

This measuring does two things, it lets you know when you are losing inches around your hips or waist and also lets you know if you are gaining muscle and muscle tone in the other parts of your body. You can either keep this on paper or if you have Microsoft Excel or something similar you can put your measurements in a spreadsheet and then you can refer to your gains and losses over time and see how the different times of year affect your size.

1 thought on “Pounds or inches?

  1. I have measurements going back to 2/21/1980, 2 months before my 13th birthday, 5 months before the first sign of puberty. When I was between 7 and 16, my went unrecorded altogether, then from 16 to the mid 20’s only a few weigh-ins. At ages 13 and 14 either I did not measure myself, or the measurements were lost. Three months before my 16th birthday, my measurements resumed.

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