March 2, 2024

I know that this will seem like a crazy thought but I ran across this cover of Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated last night and was a little surprised. I had heard of Kate Upton but just thought she was another skinny model.

kate-uptonMy wife asked me if I had seen it and I said “Hell yes, what is with those big boobs?”. Well apparently others have noticed as well.

I am not in touch with the whole women bitchiness online but apparently there are a significant number of women that say that Kate Upton is chubby and that if you saw her from behind you would see that she has cellulite that gets photoshopped out of modelling pictures.

I do have to say that Kate Upton certainly is beautiful

Not sure if this is true, and the fact is that I know nothing about modelling except for the bits I have seen when my wife is watching Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. But the fact is that modelling for so many years has been all about the pose from the skinny, bony women that are not at all attractive to me or any other man. I just shake my head at most of these magazine covers showing women with no hips and nothing on top who have cheekbones that stick out from the lack of meat on their face and ribs protruding from their chest because they have absolutely no fat or muscle on their body.

What has Female Body Image Come too?

This is a terrible state of affairs and seems to get worse all the time. If Kate Upton is chubby I say bring on more chubbiness. There is also a whole industry of fitness competitors and fitness models that is turning a lot of the industry around (I hope) not the women with the giant biceps but instead well proportioned women that look more like the beach babes of the 60s and 70s with confidence and a healthy look.

I may be an older, married guy with a couple of kids but I know what is attractive, and the models of the fashion industry that are hanging out at New York Fashion Week this week sure are not attractive to me

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