April 23, 2024

We all know Jillian Michaels diet plan and exercise program from the Biggest Loser, it is hard, aggressive and loud. Well Jillian Michaels diet plan is now online and she is offering a free body analysis as well as a cheap $4 a week plan that will give you all the tools to lose now.

Jillian’s passion for fitness originates from 17 years of devoted practice in the fields of martials arts, personal training, health and wellness. Best known as the undefeated strength trainer and life coach on NBC’s hit series The Biggest Loser, Jillian is a motivator and role model to nearly 15 million viewers every week.

Jillian Michaels Diet Plan
Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

Before she was a huge TV success, Jillian struggled with her own . She knows as well as anyone how difficult it can be to lose weight. She was determined to reach her goals — and through dedication and hard work she did. Now she’s determined to help you reach your goals.

How the Jillian Michaels Diet Plan Works

Jillian has combined years of training experience with the -loss secrets from her success on NBC’s hit series The Biggest Loser to create her new online program.
This is your real solution to loss. Change your life by following Jillian’s triple-threat approach to success: self, science, and sweat.

Self: Learn how to change your behaviors to finally reach your goals.

We all know that there is a lot more to loseing than e3ating right and exercising. If you do the right things to lose but still do not tackle the problems that got you to the place you are at now then you will not be able to keep the off.

Jillian Michaels DietInspiration and advice from Jillian
Jillian Michaels DietWeight-Loss Buddies who share your goals
Jillian Michaels DietMessage Boards for daily motivation
Jillian Michaels DietCalorie Calculator & Interactive Weight Tracker
Jillian Michaels DietJillian’s 7 Steps to Behavioral Modification

Science: Eat right for your metabolism

Eating correctly is critically important and we are all built differently. Jillian Michaels diet plan is designed to figure you out. Using an  extensive questionaire they are able to find out what you eat, crave, and through this find out how you should eat to lose weight.
Jillian Michaels Diet100s of metabolism-boosting recipes
Jillian Michaels DietMeal Plans and Menus for your body type
Jillian Michaels DietSpecial food guides to help you eat right
Jillian Michaels DietCustomized info on your metabolic rate

Sweat: Train your body for serious loss

Jillian Michaels is famous for the yelling and no nonsense way in which she pushes people but of course we are not all able to visit the biggest loser ranch with all of that great equipment. Instead Jillian Michaels diet plan figures out what you have access too, what kind of exercise you would want to do and figures out based on that what you should be doing to burn those calories in exercise
Jillian Michaels Diet151 printable exercises you can do from home
Jillian Michaels DietCardio workouts that you enjoy
Jillian Michaels DietComplete Muscle Manual
Jillian Michaels DietFitness Advice Videos

The Jillian Michaels diet plan site asks you a few questions and then in the end spits out some ideas as well as giving you access to some newsletters to read. Great $4 a week plan as well which includes the above to get you in shape and lose weight.

Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

PS: I am not sure if you are aware that there is a guarantee to this plan. If for any reason you do not like this or the Jillian Michaels diet plan is not for you then you can get a full refund.

7 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

  1. My name is troy im 47yrs old im 6ft and 250 pounds of missery cant afford to go to the gym but really want to get this off its puttin alot of strain on my legs can u help me pls i would be so greatful

  2. Hi my name is Dana ABDallah and i and 21 years old i really whant to lose a lot of and most of my friends are very skiiny ther go out alot they always call e to go with them i aways say that i am buzzy i dont whant know one to see my fat i am so embarrassed of my self and even that my family always make fun of me saying that i cant do anything only u can do is eat all day long plz i really what to be in the biggest loser i 250 pounds

  3. Im 255lbs. and I’m trying to lose . I’m going to the gym but I don’t know if im doing the right workouts and I cant pay for a trainer does anyone have any tips on losing the fat off my tummy.

  4. $4 a week sounds good – I checked out some of her free plans on her site though and I can’t say that all the foods included were particularly healthy. I know it’s good to have variety, but when I’m trying to lose I usually go sugar free as much as possible too.

  5. hey im 13 im 220 pounds and i need to lose 120 pounds in 4 months but i dont have the money to go to the gym or anything like that and i cant get motavated to excersize i need help.

  6. will hey my name is iyonna and im 240 something and im only 15 i rry need help losing i need somebody that will push me help meh lose 140 pound in 110 days 4months i realy need this i try to look and look for people that help me take me to the gym my mom want help me or dad and i dont have enough money to buy a one o one person to help me please help me

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