April 25, 2024

killer absKiller abs are something lots of guys and girls are looking for and for some it seems easy to get killer abs and for others it is very very difficult.

So why is it hard for some poepl to get abs of steel and others it is so hard? Well genetics for one. Genetics in some cases are very hard to beat. Some people do not have to do any ab work and will still get a six pack without any problem. For most of us though it is much more difficult and you need to do the work to build great abs.

Losing Fat for killer abs

So if we decide that killer abs are going to take some work then what kind of work are you going to need to do? First you have to take down your bodyfat, almost everyone has too much fat covering their abs good or bad. If you have too much fat then you can read many articles on this site to find out how to lose but here are just a few tips to lose fat.

  • Have six small meals a day instead of three big meals
  • Drink lots of water
  • increase your protein intake and drop your carb intake
  • Make sure the carbs you are eating are carbs that are more complex and filling (rice, potatoes) and not sugar, soda and chocolate
  • Do not eat after dinner until breakfast the next day

Exercises for killer abs

Now that you are eating better and dropping fat you will be able to let your abs show through. so now to get better ab muscles, to get those six pack abs you will need to do exercises for your upper and loer abs. Do four to six sets of exercises three times a week.

The exercises that you should do for your abs are exercises that are raising your upper body like situps and crunches and also exercises that are raining the lower half of your body like leg raises.

These eating and exercising tips aren’t going to build you a six pack of killer abs in a week or tow but over the next couple of months you will find that your abdominals will start to show and become better defined very quickly. The by product of this work to get a six pack of killer abs is that you are going to get in better shape and healthier just by doing this.

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