March 2, 2024
how to get ripped abs
How to get ripped abs

How to get ripped abs is probably part of every man’s dream life at some point. Many men may believe they can have ripped abs but find themselves unsure about the quickest way to get ripped abs. Rest assured that while there is no plan to get ripped abs by tomorrow night’s date, it can be done in a little more than a month with committed, daily exercises.

Knowing how to get ripped abs and getting that coveted six-pack means doing two things when it comes to your abdominal muscles. The first is losing fat quickly. Even people who work out have some fat on their bodies, and for many people, the abdominal muscles are one place fat tends to take up residence.

How to get Ripped Abs

Because the abs do not get a lot of work unless you specifically work on them, they typically will have some fat you can get rid of. If you have any muscle tone at all, then you should try running or biking daily for four to six weeks to lose any fat around your middle. Then the muscle structure underneath your abs will be more apparent.

How to get ripped abs – Exercise

The other way to get ripped abs quick is to work on crunches. Just stick to the basic crunches. Lie on your back with your knees up. Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Then pull yourself from your neck to your hips up into a roll and back down. Breathe in as you come up and out as you go down. Doing a large number of abs will help tone your muscles quickly, and you will be on your way to ripped abs.

Bicycle Crunches for ripped abs

If your abs need a bit more work than running and crunches, then consider a full-abdominal workout daily for about a month. You should do bicycle crunches. Lie down to do a regular crunch but instead of leaving your feet on the ground, rotate them as if you are riding a bicycle.

Superman back exercises

Also try doing the “superman” back exercises to help strengthen your core and allow your abs to get in shape more quickly. Lie on your stomach and lift your left arm and right leg. Hold for 10 seconds. Then repeat, this time lifting your right arm and left leg. Doing these exercises daily will help you develop good core strength. These exercises are the quickest way to get ripped abs. If you Work on these exercises everyday, you will start to see results within a couple of weeks.

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So if your dream is how to get ripped abs then these few ideas should be very helpful to you.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Ripped Abs

  1. Some bodies have a high burn rate of calories, which prevents them from
    accumulating fat. If you only lift ten pounds routinely, your muscles will grow
    to meet that need and no more. In order to build muscle I have seen consistently with mytests
    on over a thousand skinny males that the usualrecommended calorie intake
    of 12- 14 calories per pound ofbody is not enough to build muscle.

  2. I recently joined a local gym that has two ab machines. One machine you sit facing forward, while your legs sit together facing a single side. you rotate your legs left or right. then rotate the machine so you sit in the oppose direction and rotate the opposite way. This works both the side ab muscles. The other is a chair-like device where you sit, legs apart. set the ammount of you want to crunch, then crunch. Both machines go to around 200+lb. in capasity .

    I was wondering if anyone knows, are using ab machines like these worth spending time? I know you can do old fashioned crunches and sit ups with on your chest, these machines seem to simulate the same deal.

  3. Seriously, I think this post could be severely shortened.

    The only way you get ripped abs is to lose FAT. Don’t even waste time trying to bulk up you abdominal muscles. If the “look” is what you’re going for, and let’s be honest guys, we don’t need strong abs, only shredded ones, then focus on cardio. All that time spent crunching on the mat should be dedicated to finishing another mile.

    Everyone always makes up different ways to get good looking abs, when those that have them, and aren’t trying to sell you something, will tell you that a good cardio routine is the only way.

    Please stop complaining that running hurts, get in the pool.

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