May 18, 2024

Today I watched my first Oprah episode in years. The reason I watched Oprah?

Kirstie Alley was on to talk about her weight loss over the last year. It has been a pretty amazing year and between the media machine that Jenny Craig created and the media machine that is Oprah this was a very talked about event with Kirstie Alley showing up in a bikini and then getting interviewed while wearing a dress.

kirstie alley

It was an interesting episode where Kirstie Alley was very forthcoming about how tough it was to lose weight the and get comfortable with herself as a 55 year old woman, actress, and all that she is at. Kirstie is 5 foot 8 and lost 75 pounds so she is now at 145 pounds.

The best quote of the show to me was that she never appreciated her body when she was 30. She says she would never appear on TV in a bikini then because she was too introverted. She says women never feel like they’re good enough, or thin enough, or pretty enough, but they are.

One very sad story to me, was a story about a woman that lost 170 pounds by having gastric bypass surgery to make her father love her.

As we all know gastric bypass surgery is very dangerous with close to half of all people getting the surgery dying within just a few years.

This story was a real painful one to watch as it really showed the lengths that women are willing to go to for acceptance in society.

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