May 25, 2024

There is a show that we have on TV here in Canada called Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp.  This show is less slick, takes you through a month of one persons loss struggle and because of the hosts it is really fun to watch.

What is Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp?

So here is the way Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp is setup. We have a person that needs to lose 10 pounds or so for some kind of event. We have two hosts, one is a military style trainer guy whose name is Tommy Europe and there is a girl that is a nutritionist, Nadeen Boman .

To start the one month challenge Tommy measures and weighs the person and does a workout that will assess their fitness level while Nadeen goes through the cupboards, fridge, and gets an idea of how the person has been eating.

What Changes In Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp?

So to start with Tommy will do workouts with the lucky lady that is trying to lose the . There seems to be very little editing because we get a really great feel for how tough the workouts are for this person. At the same time Nadeen is coming up with a whole new way to eat and we get to see a bit about how that eating is going, if there is cheating and what kind (everyone has their own eating crutch).

After two weeks there is an initial gut check where there are body measurements and a half point weigh-in this is were we get to find out if the diet changes and exercise have been happening and how well they are going.

We get the same process for the last two weeks and then a final weigh-in and measurement along with some closing thoughts from the contestant, Tommy Europe, and Nadeen Boman.

My Thoughts on Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

Well Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp has been on Slice TV here in Canada for a while and is on a couple of times a week but I do not get to see it as often as I wish I could.  The show is filmed in Vancouver (where I grew up) and so a lot of the training will be on a rainy beach or something and the filming is great. Not so slick that it seems acted out like Biggest Loser but full of good info and really entertaining.

Tommy comes across as a bad ass but I get the idea he probably is not one outside of his training sessions. Nadeen is nice to the person which is a great balance to how Tommy treats them and I love the way that she really gets us to see why bad foods are bad and the great things that a good diet brings.

If you ever get a chance you should checkout Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp as it is a great hour of fat to fit TV.

4 thoughts on “Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

  1. My name is Kai and much like many people I just cant find the motivation by myself with out working out with a partner. Would love to go to a bootcamp lose inches and weight 10inches 10 pounds. Im 5’6 and I between 156 to 160 i fluctuate. ? Im 39 inches in my waist and stomach. My arms are fat.

  2. I am the mother of four kids, I lounge around a lot! The only form of exercise I really get is walking to my mailbox. Working at a BarBeQue restaurant causes me to eat on many unhealthy things. Carb City is my nickname from my kids and I can feel my excess weight weigh me down all day. I need motivation but can’t seem to find it. Please help!

  3. how can i be on the last 10 pounds boot camp? i just turned 18 on january 21st and i have a 5 months old son and i am desprite to lose this !!!! helppp

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