May 24, 2024

Do you watch the Biggest Loser? I have only missed a couple of episodes over the years that it has been on.

One of the highlights the show thinks is the idea of a Last Chance Workout but after seeing this for some many episodes it has really started to wear out in significance but not importance.

What is the Last Chance Workout?

biggest loserThe biggest loser last chance workout is the workout the day of just before the weigh in. This is the last chance that everyone has of burning every last calorie and is a way to make sure that the players have nothing left and are going to weigh as little as possible at the weigh in.

I have no idea how long the last chance workout is but the idea is the important part. My wife was telling me last night that she is really just going through the motions at the gym and it is true.

We start working out really hard and then over time we become more fit and stop pushing ourselves so hard.

This is a great reason why plateaus happen in loss as well as strength training.

The reason I bring this up is to try and motivate you to push harder. Think about you last few workouts at the gym.

  • Where you on the verge of throwing up?
  • Did you push yourself so hard that you had trouble showering and moving your arms and legs?
  • Did you workout so hard that you were in tears in pain as you got into the car?

Well I know that this is very extreme. Nearly no one relishes pushing themselves that hard especially me, but the thing to remember is how hard you worked out when you started your getting in shape journey.

So why not today when you go to workout do a last chance workout.

Push yourself harder and longer than ever before.

Once you get a tasted of a crazy hard workout you will realize just how far you have come, you will be doing a personal best and that is something that will bring you so much pride that you will want to do it again soon.

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