February 28, 2024

Easy ways to lose weight. I am always looking for easy ways to lose weight. As we know raising your metabolism is the easiest way to lose so it usually comes down to eating a few meals a day and getting exercise every day.

Last night there was a TV show on called “Losing the last 10 pounds”. The show looked interesting but right off the bat they showed the person that was the focus of the show. I did not catch her name but she was trying to lose a few pounds before a friends wedding. They show her in the kitchen, she is apologizing for the food she has, ships, candy chocolate. And then she says tht she gets no exercise. Two strikes against her but if she makes changes it would be fairly easy for her to lose some .

One of the problems with TV loss shows is that the targets are so easy to reach. If you are 20 or 30 pounds over, binge on junk food all night and have never exercised then you are in very crappy shape. What can these people so (if you are one of these people, great news for you) then grab the low hanging fruit….literally. Find the worst part of your diet, look at the exercise you now do, find those bad health habits. And once you have done this inventory just change the easiest things to change first.

Some people will tell you that you should do those tough things that will make the biggest difference but really what you want is lots of small victories that you can build on. Try to make sure that you are eating all the good food you need and then supplement with the crappy stuff and eventually cut that down. If you do not exercise then go out and walk around the block right now, I will not be offended if I have to wait for you to get back to read the last of this post. These little victories are the thing that will help you make changes because if you look back on success it was usually not those big things that you did all at once but instead was a bunch of little things that gave you the courage to make the bigger changes later.

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