April 12, 2024

I just watched this great video from Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean-X. This video shows a sample set for incline bench and give a lot of tips that the fellow, Jesse, is doing wrong.

When you look at the video you will see that the actual motion of the exercise is great and that there are other things at play here, like weight set length.

There are a few things to concentrate on but Jeff is saying that most important things to think about is weight set length, most people have sets that are to short taking only around 30 seconds or so. Getting at least 45 seconds of stress in each set and more closer to 60 seconds, this is more important than the number of reps Рso slow down your reps.

Another thing that was very interesting that I learned in this video was something I have always been very conscious of, and that is form and completeness of reps.

Jeff says that what he find people doing is cheating be not doing a full range of motion so that they can get their full number of reps in. This is bad.

Form – Weight Set Length – Sets To Failure

I love this all being pointed out. I tend to find at the gym that I see a lot of people cheating to get the weight that they want, and swinging things to get the reps that they want. If you just remember that you want to lift as hard as you can for 45-60 seconds per set than you will find that by the end of your workout you will be tired, sore, and satisfied that you gave it your all.

Importance of Weight Set Length

I find that I run into the same thing as I go through my workout. I start full of energy but by half way through my workout I am spent. I work every set to failure and then I have no energy left. This leads many people to just lengthen their workout with longer and longer rest times between sets.

There are a few things that you can do to increase your weight set length.

Instead of trying to do these long workouts it is far better to just make sure that you are working each set to failure and if you are worried that you will not be able to finish your workout then go with lighter weights later in your workout. Remember as well to try and get up to around 60 seconds for your weight set length.

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