May 24, 2024

While some individuals are strictly interested in obtaining muscle for aesthetics, for most people, this isn’t an interest. Instead, you’re more interested in knowing what health benefits lifting will have for you

Far too many people overlook the many health and fitness benefits that training has to offer, and because of this, experience problems down the road with their body such as decreased bone density, a slowed metabolic rate, increased stress levels and other negative consequences that are associated with constant stress.

Increased Bone Density

_liftingWeight lifting, being one of the best bearing exercises you can do, will increase your bone density and help ward off osteoporosis or stress fractures in the future.

Many people think running is the best exercise for increasing bone density, but this isn’t necessarily true. If the truth is told, running actually promotes muscle breakdown in the body, while lifting, being an anabolic process, helps to promote the building of tissues.

Therefore, lifting is going to be much better at preserving your bone mass, not to mention it’s far less impact than going for an hour run.

Decreased Frequency of Injuries

When you strength train, not only are your muscles going to get stronger, but you’ll also work the ligaments and tendons that are connecting bones, muscles, and other tissues, thus reducing the chance they become injured when participating in other physical activities.

If you’ve ever been injured, you know just how frustrating this can be. In about 80% of all injury cases, the injury is a direct result of a tendon, ligament, or muscle not being strong enough when a stressful force is applied.

Since training will really hit all those deep tendons and ligaments, it’s the best injury prevention out there.

Reduction of Health Related Risks

Numerous studies have demonstrated that regular training can have a positive effect on health by showing reductions in the rate of insulin resistance, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

If you couple a solid training program then with a well-thought out diet, you’ll be putting your best foot forward at warding off these chronic problems

Prevention of Fat Gain

The more you lift, the higher your metabolism will be, thus the more food you can eat while maintaining your .  If that isn’t good news for your future and the fight against body fat, I’m not sure what is.

Now,  with all of this said, one big problem many people run into is the thinking pattern that using a muscle building program will make you big and bulky.

This is most certainly not the case.

Let’s look at an analogy to gain an understanding of this.

Pretend you have two teams and each are going to try and build a house using the exact same building technique.

One team is given 10,000 bricks to construct this house, and the second team is given only 1,000 bricks.

Who’s going to build the bigger house?

The choice should be obvious team one since they have more bricks to build it with.

Now, think of those bricks as being the calories you put into your body.  Unless you’re supplying enough calories, you aren’t going to build really big muscles.  This is precisely what makes bodybuilders look like bodybuilders.

It’s not just about the way they train, but more about the way they eat (if you’ve ever had a teenage son in the growing process in your house, you likely know just how much food must be consumed when growing at rapid rates).

Whether it’s growing in height during puberty or trying to build bigger muscles later on, calories must be supplied for this growth process to take place.

You can’t build a house out of nothing.  Likewise, you can workout all you want, but if those building blocks in the form of amino acids, carbohydrates, and dietary fats are not there, you aren’t going to see too much muscle growth.

So, don’t get caught thinking that just because you add lifting to your workouts, you’re going to develop large bulky muscles.  If you control your diet, this simply will not happen.

So, hopefully it is clear now that just because you’re lifting, it does not mean you will end up with bulky muscles as a result.  Many people make this incorrect assumption but it really is the diet that makes all the difference in how this lifting will shape your body.

When you make the decision to work with me using my 6-Pack Ab Quest program, I’ll take you through the lifting and ab techniques that will provide maximum results with minimal effort on your part (why spend more time in the gym than you have to?), as well as provide you with meal plans that are custom designed to ensure you get the best results from your training without the muscle bulk in fact, the plans are formulated to help you shed the fat so you look leaner and more defined.

Not choosing to include training as part of your current workout program is without-a-doubt the biggest mistake you could make as far as your long-term health and fitness level is concerned.  Don’t let this exercise pass you by any longer.
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Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

3 thoughts on “Why Weightlifting is Tops for Health Benefits

  1. Tom you are right, I’ve read that there seem to be two groups of people.
    One that supports lifting but condemns body exercises.
    Another does the exact opposite, both can come up with arguments that in practice don’t make any sense.

    Both work and its no point arguing over it, I do a bit of both.

    -Alex Allmert

  2. heey vince you are completely wrong about using s u can get 10 times stronger using your own body go buy convict conditioning and find out ohh just a as point maker go try 2 sets of 6 one arm pullups mister macho or go try 2 sets of 10 one arm handstand pushups or one leg squats all the way down or go try to wrestler’s bridge for a full 3 minutes then tell me that lifting is the king of excerise have fun doing even one of those excersises people have been using calisthenics for thousands of years to get super strong and ripped oh and a little history point egune sandow the “father of bodybilding” tried for years to make excersise equipment but found that calisthenics worked better

  3. Weight Lifting, being one of the best bearing exercises we can do it will also increase our bone density and help ward off osteoporosis or stress fractures in the future. Most of the people think running is the best exercise for increasing bone density, but this isn’t instead it promotes muscle breakdown in the body and for lifting it promote building of tissue. It also help in decreasing frequency of injuries, reduction of health related risks, and prevention of fat gain.

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