May 24, 2024

A few times now I have run into a similar, actually exact, Miracle Foot Soak image and idea on Pintereest that promises to get rid of the bad calluses on my feet so I thought I would give it a shot.

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The idea is to mix one part Vinegar, one part Listerine, and 1 part water. I know it sounds like a strange mix but when you think about it there are reasons that this would work as a foot soak.

Presenting the Miracle Foot Soak

Vinegar is an acid, maybe a mild acid but still it would burn dead skin. Listerine is a antiseptic and would kill bacteria but would do a good job at killing any stinky bugs on your feet. And the water? Just makes it not so strong


So I am not very skeptical. This should do something but not sure how much or how well it will get rid of the calluses on my feet.

I used a small bucket and mixed the stuff together. I can tell you from experience that it is in fact very stinky. I think it stinks kind of like minty pee. Not a good smell at all.

I knew that if I was going to be soaking my feet in this mix for a half an hour then it would be a good idea to use warm water, which I did.

So I made sure that I had a book, a towel, a comfortable couch to sit on and I dropped my feet into the miracle foot soak. Right away it felt kind of tingly. I think that is the Listerine and vinegar just kind of reacting on my feet. Didn’t bother me too much at all though and it was nice to soak my feet.

After a half an hour I decided to check it out. I pulled a foot up a bit and the calluses did seem to be a lot softer.

Not falling off soft but softer anyway.

The trouble with calluses is that they really are just hard dead skin but are really attached to your good skin so I rubbed both my feet pretty hard to get as much of the calluses off and then I rubbed my feet dry with a towel (which will not definitely have to be washed.

I know that some people have said that you can now get a pumice stone and scrub your feed hard. I am not a big fan of really hurting my feet that way so instead I rubbed some coconut oil into my feet and put some socks back on to keep the moisture in.

Tomorrow my plan is to use that pumice stone in the shower now that I have softened up and rubbed off some of those calluses. We will see if this works well to get rid of the calluses but I have a good feeling about it.


Ok so this morning I had a shower and scrubbed my moistened feet with the pumice stone in the shower. I really should use that thing all the time but usually my feet tend to be dry. The coconut oil worked out well overnight.

My feet today are nice and soft today so I have to say that the miracle foot soak may not be as good as they say, but really good anyway. I have clean feet, calluses aren’t bothering me and that minty pee smell is out of the house now.


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