March 5, 2024

I know everyone feels guilty every time they hear about morning workouts if they are not doing them. I am sure you want to start doing morning workouts if possible and I have some experience to offer some morning workout tips.

So here are some morning workout tips to get you started and to help you ease into some morning workouts so that you will be able to jump start your exercise part of your fitness regimen.

Morning Workout Tips

Try a morning workout just once – The trouble with working out in the morning is that you look at all the workouts at once. Really you are only working out once and then after sleeping you will do it again. Sieze right now instead. All you need to do is get up and go for a walk. No big deal and it will be nice to do. So plan to get up tomorrow a few minutes early.

morning workout tips
morning workout tips

Find out why working out in the morning is important to you– Another reason why people do nto get up those few minutes early to workout is because they have no compelling reason to do it. We all know that working out is good for you but in the morning it is even better. You start your metabolism, you get your mind in a good frame of mind, you get that time to yourself, you have that feeling of satisfaction. Make a big list otherwise the snooze button is to big to miss.

Have a Plan – The best thing to do to make sure that you will follow through tomorrow morning is to have a plan. Here is one. Get up 20 minutes early, walk around the block, do some stretching, situps, knee bends, pushups, and Good Mornings (bendovers to strengthen your back).

Now you know the why and the what you are doing in the morning. This will make it easier to start.

Get everything set the night before – What will the wather be like tomorrow morning? Do you need to workout in the basemen becuase of the weather? Do you have clothes ready right away by your bed?

Have a Morning Ritual – This is one of the morning workout tips that trips a lot of people up. You have the best intentions, you get up and then you just putter around until it is time to have a shower. Instead you need to trace your steps. Get up, put the clothes on, go to the kitchen and drink a big glass of water, pee maybe, and then go and walk, run, do the weights…whatever you are going to do. You do not want to have to do any thinking first or you may get distracted.

Learn from these morning workout tips

These are the morning workout tips that I am thinking about today. I have found in the past that most people want that extra sleep in the morning but when the workout is actually complete no one wishes that they had slept a bit more instead. It is really a much better way to start your day and if you are tired just go to sleep a bit earlier tomorrow night.

Where are you in this process? Let us all know what you want to have in the morning and why. Do you or have you ever worked out? These morning workout tips are just a starting point to get you moving in the right direction.

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