May 18, 2024

Happy New Year!

Over the years I have had some really good years and some really bad years as far as making change on new years day is concerned. I know that back in my drinking smoking partying days I would not commit and do the work for anything and sadly I now call those my lost years. Not anymore. Every year I move forward and I have accepted the fact that every year parts of my life chance a lot and always for the better.

So what makes the biggest difference in my eyes? Making the commitment with action.

The trouble with thinking of a new years resolution and trying to get it done is that you will forget it easily when other things in life distract you, so you take the action of writing it down, and this gives you a better chance.

To further improve your chances of meeting your new years resolutions, today you must do things that will move you towards them, ACT!, get moving now!

If you want to lose (very common today of course) then start eating right this morning and get some exercise this morning as well. I read a book once where the lady that wrote it
said that in a drunken bit of bravado she announced that she was going to run the London Marathon and the next day, hungover she realized she would have to give it a shot and she started running that day….that is what it takes.

So to help you today to get started I am going to pull a few posts from the archives that will hopefully give you some ammunition to get started today. You can always change your life for the better so why not start that process today?

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