April 24, 2024

Well I have to preface this post with a warning that what I am about to write about is a high fat high calories snack that anyone trying lose will want to always avoid.

Okay, Peanuts and raisins.

This is a great snack for people that have trouble gaining and people that are tying to bulk up. I know that most people are not too interested in bulking up, instead they will want to lose weight.

Peanuts_and_raisinsI remember back a few years working out a lot with weights and having friends that could not gain muscle trying anything to get the calories needed.

What is often the case is that people working in construction or other very intensive outdoor jobs will have trouble gaining weight because work is already burning a lot of calories.

And what you need is a really positive number of calories to gain muscle, so what is the best thing to eat?

Peanuts and Raisins as a Snack

If you eat a cup of peanuts and a cup of raisins together in a bag and eat them you will get about 1200 calories in one fairly small snack.

There are good nutrients in this mixture and bad.

A two cup mixture of peanuts and raisins has about 43 grams of protein, 139 grams of carbohydrates, and 72 grams of fat. These numbers are for non salted peanuts which are a little better for you but the balance of this snack is interesting.

Raisins are high in fueling up carbs, with no fat and no protein. Peanuts on the other had are full of fat and protein with no carbohydrates.

So if you are looking to jump start some gaining this is an interesting, cheap and easy way to gain quickly but if you are not getting lots of exercise in this will be a great way to get fat.

I used to like eating this peanutraisin mixture but it has been many years since I have done it myself.

3 thoughts on “Peanuts and Raisins – A big snack

  1. hiya, i just wanted to know that how many rasins and peanuts in proportaion are you allowed to eat for a snack that wont really put you on any . i asked this because i am on a diet and thought that peanuts and rasins mixed together were good for a snack, however i got carried away and couldnt stop eating them. can you please write back. thankyou.

  2. It sure beats eating a mars bar or a snickers. but it is good to ensure the nuts and raisins are organic. Then there are no chemicals on them and also they are not packaged with salt or msg 9which some are believe it or not).

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