April 23, 2024

We need to all become more aware of this process and see where we fail. Plan, Execute, and Reflect. This three step process is very important so that you are not stuck just making the same mistakes over and over again.

Plan for Success

So what do you know about your next event, what do you need to do to make sure that you succeed? If your next even is a marathon or even a 10k or to lose 20 pounds then what can you glean from the past? What were your failings and strengths last time around and how can you leverage those strengths and minimize the effects of your weaknesses. Make sure that you have a plan and that you have a fallback in case you struggle with the plan.

Execute for Success

If your plan is a good one then you will be able to just run through it and the less you have to think about it the better. If you go back to Leo’s marathon, he knew that weather would be an issue so he needed a certain pace, he knew that he would need liquids late not early. So if the plan is good then your just have to run through the execution and just deal with the unforseen problems instead.

reflectionReflect on Success

Reflecting after achievement is the only way in which we can get better. Whether you succeed or fail in your goal you will have a lot more insight on how you perform and the next time you will be able to plan and execute much better with this knowledge.

I find that too often we have one goal in mind that once we do we never have to go back to hopefully. People decide that they want to lose 20 pounds but once they have done it they never have to do it again so long as they do not gain the back, so the best thing to do is make other goals that are repeatable and once you have achieved these then you do not have to try again you just re-execute the way you did before.

Success in all parts of your life

If you look at successful athletes there is a lot of this Plan, Execute, and reflect. What an athlete, let’s use Tiger Woods for example will do is not try to win every Golf tournament but instead will execute on every part of his game, improve anything that to him is lagging and when he puts his head up to see what he has done the execution has lead to winning hte tournament. You can do the same.

Instead of trying to lose the 10 or 20 pounds why not plan, execute and reflect on each part of your life that causes problems and improve those. You can concentrate on better eating, less snacking, wider variety of food, being a better cook, being a better shopper. There are probably a lot more her but just think, this is just looking at the eating side of the equation how about the cardio, exercise and other places in which you have strengths and weaknesses that you can fix or improve.

2 thoughts on “Plan Execute and Reflect

  1. Thanks for the tips! I personally love reflection but still I miss out on opportunities to learn when things go well, and not so well. I think most people do.
    I just posted some pointers on my blog about making sure you’ve got the right goals in the first place. There’s nothing worse than setting out towards your goals and then failing, because you overlooked something when planning them.


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