April 23, 2024

Never just jump into a workout, do a preworkout jumpout, If you thought workouts are hard, you are not completely correct, if not complete wrong.

Do you think the successful bodybuilders and athletes exert themselves as hard as you do for getting their workouts done?

Prepare Before Your Workout

Absolutely not. In fact, most of them are probably aware of a cool formula that lets them perform even the most intense workouts without any feeling of exhaustion. In this article I will tell you about that formula called, pre workout.

Can you imagine a time when the heavy weights you hate now would seem like light feathers in your hand?

Imagine being able to workout for hours without any feeling of fatigue.

Imagine your muscles actually asking you workout more and more because they are hungry for it.

All these could be possible if you apply the formula of Category 5 Intensity. Let me tell you the three quick steps you should follow to get the most out of this workout strategy.

PreWorkout Jumpstart Steps

yogaStep 1: Relax: Even before you start your workout regimen, you need to relax, both physically and mentally.

This is pretty simple and something you should do only at a peaceful corner of your home where you don’t expect any kind of irritable disturbance or noise.

You can relax by lying down on your back, or by stretching yourself out in an E-Z chair.

  1. Lie as if you are relaxing.
  2. Let your arms relax by your sides as well.
  3. While sitting in this position, take very long, deep, relaxing breaths.
  4. Keep in mind that you should inhale through your nose but exhale through the mouth, and with each exhalation, you would utter the words (if you want you can do it mentally instead of verbally) “RELEASE” or “RELAX”.

This is only the first part of this relaxation exercise. In the next step, you should imagine coming down from six or seven steps of a staircase.

As you descend each step, you should utter the word “Coming Down” or simply “Down” (again you can do it mentally instead of verbally if you wish).

concentrateStep 2 – Jog Your Memory: If you have done a series of workouts, there must be at least one workout which stood out from the rest for its uniqueness.

It could be anything from an arm workout to a leg workout, and even though the workout itself might have been physically nerve wrecking for you, you were able to complete more reps than you were supposed to do, because mentally you never felt tired or frustrated.

Throughout the workout session you maintained a certain focus that allowed you to complete the workout even though physically you felt as if your bone would break or your skin would pop out.

Can you recall any such workout?

You should be able to. As the memory of this particular workout becomes more and more vivid, you should feel a certain sensation in your body – as if you are ready to do it all over again.

This is a great example of how Category 5 Intensity can help you.

Step 3 – Imagine doing that workout: Now that your body badly needs that workout, you must do it, but hey, since this is an exercise for your subconscious mind, you don’t need to lift any weights just as yet.

Just imagine that you are physically doing the same workout as the one you recalled in step 2. Imagine yourself doing all the things you normally do during the workout session; your eyes, nostrils, facial expressions, mindset, voice, words, breathe, etc., should all be focused on this particular workout.

Next, clench your right fist for about 20-30 seconds, and utter words that describe your strength, such as “Power”, “Terrific”, “Force”, “Strong”, etc.; in fact, you can utter any word or words that enhance your mental strength.

If you follow this exercise and do the three steps above for the next few weeks, you would feel much more comfortable even when doing workouts of the highest intensity. In fact, after spending just 15-20 minutes on this mental exercise per day during the next five days, you should be doing it everyday, preferably either before or after hitting the gym.

I am confident it would certainly make a difference in the way you look at workouts.

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