March 5, 2024

Raw food cancer treatments are becoming popular with some people although they are generally not supported by the mainstream medical world. Some people are taking up a raw food diet in the hope that this will help their body overcome cancer or recover from the effects of surgery and medications. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some people have found raw food helpful in their battles against cancer. These are usually just individual reported cases.

Clean Up your Diet with Raw Food

For most people on a standard American or other western diet, switching to raw food may be very beneficial simply because you will be cutting out most of the processed and refined foods loaded with fats and sugar that place such a burden on our digestive systems and add to our .

A raw food diet is usually vegetarian and often vegan, although some people use unpasteurized milk and cheese if available. Indeed there are some people who eat raw meat but if you wish to do this you should avoid pork and poultry and try to find grass reared organic beef so that you are not taking in large quantities of the hormones that are fed to most farmed cattle. Be aware that raw animal products can carry bacteria and are never recommended for pregnant women.

The raw vegan diet is the type that is most often followed by cancer patients. This involves eating only unprocessed and uncooked fruits, vegetables, seeds etc. No animal products are consumed at all. You can use cold pressed oils but most other foods that come in a package will be heat treated in some way. Note that the vegan diet does not contain vitamin B12 and you may need to supplement this, although most people have enough stored to see them through for several years.

Raw Food Meals

If you feel that adopting the raw food cancer diet 100% of the time is simply too much, try replacing one or two meals a day with raw. A green smoothie makes a great breakfast. Simply put a couple of bananas or other fruit in the blender with a little water and some green leaves such as spinach or lettuce, or perhaps some celery.

For lunch you could try a raw salad of chopped cucumber, carrot and other vegetables with a dressing made from blended avocado and tomato, followed by fresh fruit. Add a few seeds for protein if you wish. Pumpkin seeds are particularly rich in zinc.

Raw food is generally much higher in antioxidants than cooked, and is believed by its advocates to be accepted by the body in a much more simple way. Raw food supporters claim that eating cooked food sets off an antibody response in the body which causes more stress to the digestive system. Therefore, they argue that following a raw food diet will free up a lot of the body’s energy for dealing with the physical challenges of cancer. In some cases people have reported reduction of tumor sizes. In other cases, improving your nutrition may help your body handle the medications that you are probably taking to fight the cancer.

Most people have difficulty following a 100% raw food diet for a very long period. However, if you are suffering from cancer you might want to try it for a few months or even a year. Alternatively, try increasing your consumption of raw foods or limiting cooked foods to one meal a day. When you do eat cooked foods, try to avoid sugar, white flour products and other highly refined or processed foods. Go for as natural as possible.

Of course you should consult with your medical advisor before taking up any special diet, especially if you are suffering from cancer or other medical conditions. If your current doctor is very unsympathetic you could try seeking out one who is more attuned to natural health treatments. Do not try to apply raw food cancer treatment alone, but follow your doctor’s advice.

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